June 5, 2013


Cardigan: Super Old | Shirt: Stolen from Sista forever ago | Skirt: Old Navy, Gift carded | Necklace: eBay $8.99 | Charlotte Russe Flats: Goodwill $3.49
Total Outfit Cost: $12.48

Well it happened. The neighbor saw me taking pictures of myself. I felt like a total doofas! Larry had just walked outside while I was taking my pictures and said "ya need any help?" I just smile and say nope I got it!   Two seconds later I'm walking to my tripod to look at the picture I just took and I see the neighbor who lives in the subdivision behind us walking in his backyard with a big goofy smile on his face. Yupp. This just got weird. I can't wait till we can afford a fence so this girl can take pictures of herself in the privacy of her own backyard! ...That didn't sound conceited or anything. #bloggerproblems

Have you ever been caught taking pictures of yourself? 


  1. I used to take my pictures a few streets away from work, and one time one of my supervisor's supervisor asked me what I was going "out on the road out there"


  2. I have that skirt! And yes, my neighbors see me take my photos up on my deck, but they have been more weird than us so I just blow it off :)


  3. Yes!! I always get so super embarrassed. Just keep moving house :P

  4. Haha! I always start laughing when I get "caught" and hope that they don't over think it! Love the cute skirt!

  5. Since I take them in my driveway people drive by and sometimes stare, the neighbors politely smile when I explain I have a blog. They probably think I'm crazy :)

    1. Cute outfit, by the way, I love that skirt :)

  6. no one has caught me at my new apartment yet, but i know they're going to soon. my apt is right across from the pool, so it's pretty inevitable. i haaaated getting caught at my old place and especially anytime i took photos in an actual public place.

    what time do you take your photos? the lighting is always stunning!

  7. Love this outfit! People who drive up the road (I live on a bottom of a hill) always see me and I wonder how weird they think I am :)

  8. I take pictures at my home so I haven't had this problem as of YET. But I know many bloggers that have. Oh well play it off like you are taking photos of nature or whatever.

    You look adorable. The Skirt looks lovely with the Bright Top.

  9. My four year old daughter takes pictures of me sometimes and one time some teenage guys in a car drove by screaming "SMILE!" Oh goodness I was so embarrassed!


  10. It happens all the time to me:) I am so glad I am not the only one:>