June 6, 2013


gingham and purple
Top: Target $22 | Banana Republic skirt: Goodwill $3.49 | Target Flats: Goodwill $3.49 | Necklace: eBay $8.99 | Belt: Goodwill $0.99
Total Outfit Cost: $38.96

Funny story. So remember how I had my embarassing moment with the neighbor yesterday? Well Larry got his today! So he came home from work (before me) and had to let Charlie out to go potty. Since we don't have a fence, Charlie has to be put on a leash outside. Well he opened up the back door before he picked her up and she jetted out! He chased her to the field next to us, around the house, and then to the subdivision behind our house, three houses down in the people's backyard. Finally Charlie stops to poop and he grabs her. So why is Larry chasing Charlie around THAT embarassing? Wellllll... he had taken just his dress shirt off after work so he was running around outside, full sprint, in dress slacks and dress shoes only HAHAHHA. 
gingham and purple2
O Charlie I love you for that! I wish I could've seen it for my own eyes!
gingham and purple3


  1. hahaha, that's hilarious! i definitely thought this story was going a different...poopier...direction. so i'm glad he was just shirtless and not poopy!

    girl, you know i've hunted my whole life for a pencil skirt in that color. someday my skirt will come!

    i'll be taking outfit photos during the day tomorrow since i'm working from home. i'm 99% sure someone will see me with my bar stool and tiny iphone tripod. oh, #bloggerproblems.

    xo nicole

  2. Phahah, oh Lord, I would've loved to see that as well! I have many a funny stories of me chasing two beagles down the street after they decided it'd be a good idea to sprint out the front door (or when someone decides to leave the back gate open.. cough Curtis cough). I normally am dumb enough to just start running after them and not grab two leashes, which leads to me duck walking back down the street with one in each hand because I can't carry them both back..

    anyway, I loveeeeee this outfit! You look absolutely adorable I'm obsessed with that gingham top, I wish I had a purple skirt so I could just redo this entire thing!


  3. So cute! Love the pop of purple. I'm a new follower and am definitely a fan of your blog - would love for you to check out mine :)

    Happy weekend!

    - Kathleen

  4. Ahaha! I did something similar once...although I was fully clothed. I'm not a run-after-a-dog kind of gal and I have never been so flustered. The people who come mow our grass (every dang week so they KNOW we have a dog out back and there's no excuse) left the gate open and she's a relatively big dog so chasing her is just next to impossible. And after going around and around in circles, I did the huge jump-in-the-air-tackle you see in movies. You know, where they show them in slow motion, limbs flying, all spread eagled in the air and you wonder if they're actually going to land on their target or face plant? I got my target, yo! haha I'm sure it was a sight! Dang dogs! haha

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    1. Oh yeah, in all my dog chasing woes I forgot to tell you that you look ADORABLE!! But you always do! It's a given ;)

  5. This is so adorable! I love it! Your pup is so cute too :)