June 10, 2013

the perfect rainy day outfit

rainy day
rainy day2
Old Navy Jacket: Goodwill $3.49 [lady charged me for a top instead of a jacket SCORE!] | Shirt: Old Navy, gift carded | Shorts: TJ Maxx $16 | Fedora: Charming Charlie, gift carded | Flip Slops: Sears $10 (sale)
Total Outfit Cost: $29.49

I didn't even know it was going to rain yesterday, but this outfit happened to be the perfect rainy day outfit. The fedora kept my hair (& my fake hair ;) dry and the little jacket kept my shoulders dry and warm! I'm a cold natured person so I think this little jacket will get me good use in the summer. It's so hot here in Louisiana so I naturally wear sleeveless shirts, but as soon as I walk inside somewhere I'm FREEZING. Speaking of freezing, you could hang meat in the office at my new job. I even brought a blanket and I still freeze. Hopefully my little cold self will get used to it! But for now, I shiver all day with a runny nose.. joy.


  1. you should see if you can't bring in a little heater! seriously, my coworker has and now she's so comfy :)

  2. is there a color you don't look good in? like, your hair is blonde, so you look good in spring/summer color palettes, but you're naturally dark-haired so you look good in jewel tones too. unfair. and totally awesome.

    and how do you look so good in hats?

    xo nicole

  3. I love that little jacket, seems perfect! and I completely understand the cold natured-ness. I love love the summer heat, but I cannot stand all the intense air conditioning that goes on every where. lol

  4. Ahhhh SO FRUSTRATING! Summer is so difficult. So warm outside, so icey-cold inside. I was at work the other day and got so cold at my desk that I literally went to my car and grabbed a dirty blanket and an old scarf I'd recently used to mop up spilled coffee and wrapped them around myself and my legs. Desperation. I definitely need to get a space heater because OMG. SO COLD.

    But moving on! Hahaha. Cute outfit! Please keep wearing your fedora and giving me more ideas on how to wear it without feeling "over the top". :)

  5. Love this rainy day outfit! You look so gorgeous with that hat and that cute jacket! Our weather has been crazy here too! Rain, cold, hot, constantly changing. :)

  6. I LOVE that jacket! Girl, I need to check out your Goodwill! Some of these bloggers find the most amaze things at their Goodwill and mine is sooo hit and miss!

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