July 26, 2013

guest post: kristina | kristina in retroworter

Hey Goodwillista readers! I'm Kristina from Kristina in Retroworter, a blog about the happenings in my life and my own personal style, and boy oh boy I'm so excited to be here on Danielle's amazing blog today as she's off on her super awesome honeymoon with her new hubby, Larry! Congratulations, you two. :) Danielle and I have this somewhat parallel life thing going on right now.. she just got married, I got married in May. She had a vintage, shabby chic type of wedding.. I had a vintage, shabby chic wedding. DIYs for the win! She loves going to Goodwill and finding some serious deals on just about anything and everything (but especially clothes), I love a good hunt through Goodwill to find me some deals. Call us cheap-o's all you want, but there is something about the thrill of finding that perfect blouse or skirt or dress, and it's only $3! So, when Miss Danielle asked me to guest post for her, I knew I had to find something good to show the world that thirfting really does pay off. I have to thank her because if she hadn't given me this prompt, I most likely wouldn't have found this dress. Normally my local Goodwill store is absolutely terrible. I mean it's like the 1980's just blew up in there or something. Not fun my friends, not fun. But, I was on a mission, and by some crazy miracle I found this beauty for a whole ten bucks. Now, that's kind of expensive for Goodwill, buuuuut, this dress is from Free People! Who gives Free People clothes to Goodwill?! It was probably $175 to begin with, just crazy!
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Dress: Free People via Goodwill | Shoes: Target

I just adore the low back, and the lace pattern adds a wonderful feminine touch to a more masculine colored dress. Plus, it's nice and light for the extreme Texas heat I have to put up with for the next couple of months. And this my friends, is why thrifting is the greatest thing ever invented. It takes a lot of time and patience, but it's worth it in the end.  
I wish Danielle and Larry the happiest of marriages, and hope their lives are blessed throughout the years. And you better believe, I can't wait to see pictures! Thanks for having me everyone! 


  1. That Kristina is so cute :) Love the dress - I can't believe it's Free People! Thrift score! And I love those shoes - I have them, and I wear them so much they are falling apart!

  2. That dress look AMAZING on you Kristina!! Blue is definitely your color. I love the lace, sleeves, and low back. So so pretty!


  3. I am in love with that dress! The color is perfect. I also love your light purple toe nails :)

  4. Um, Kristina, you are the CUTEST. That dress looks 100% amazing on you! I love the back - so gorgeous!!!


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