July 23, 2013

guest post: lindsey | high heels & training wheels

Hello to everyone at Goodwillista! I'm the sarcastic, long winded rambler who blogs over at High Heels and Training Wheels. You can call me Lindsey though. My blog is style and beauty with a little DIY. My blog's motto is looking like a million without spending it. Girlfriend is broke ova hurr! My purpose is to encourage other women, like myself, to look and feel great even if you aren't rolling in the dough.

I am seriously excited about blogging for Miss (soon to be Mrs) Danielle. I have been a lover and loyal follower of Goodwillista for a long time. She is so adorable and sweet...much more than I am...and by some miracle, she's asked me to guest post! So if you hate it, blame her! ;) I kid, I kid!

This is normally the part where I talk about what I'm wearing but today we're here at Danielle's place! It's totally not my style but I'm going to have to go and get sappy for a minute. I owe a whole lot to Danielle. I was a mom of 3 who was stuck in a depressing sweatpant rut when I came across Goodwillista. I never went shopping. I never even stepped foot in a store because I couldn't afford it. It was because of Danielle, and Danielle alone, that I was able to see things differently and crawl out of that sad hole.

Going to a Goodwill or thrift store had never occurred to me. Sure, I donated every year during spring cleaning but going to buy things? Never in a million years! But here was this adorable girl rocking these fabulous ensembles that were from Goodwill!It is because of this one cute little blonde that I opened up to the possibility that maybe I didn't have to live in sweatpants. Maybe, just maybe, I could afford to look nice.

Then I started frequenting thrift stores all over the place and my life changed. That sounds a little dramatic but think about that for a second. If you are avoiding mirrors and not going out because you feel so bad about the way you look, making the step to transforming that is life changing! I owe this wholly to Danielle.

 Danielle is one of the most inspiring and influential bloggers I have ever come across. I started my blog with the purpose of reaching even one person the way Goodwillista has helped me. My style and my blog are both indebted to Miss Danielle. Thank you so much, lady! You've helped me more than you know!
I hope you stop by and visit High Heels and Training Wheels sometime. Stop by and check out my thrifty finds or just stop in to say "Hey"!
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  1. What a sweet post, Lindsey!


    1. Thanks, Chelsea! I couldn't post on Danielle's blog without giving her the shout out she deserves! :)

  2. i love this post so much. danielle is such a wonderful light in the blogging community. i used to feel uncomfortable wearing thrifted items on the blog because 1. it showed everyone that i couldn't afford a pricey first-hand wardrobe and 2. i couldn't exactly link to where i bought things, like most bloggers do. even as a lifelong thrifter, danielle inspired me to take a second look at my budget and how much i spent putting together outfits.

    onto you, miss thang! you have legs for days and such great style. i love this jacket so much. i wish i had the confidence to wear heels with my cutoffs!

    rock it, mama.

    xo nicole

    1. Isn't she awesome?! I would have been ashamed that I was buying second hand because we were just that broke. It's embarassing to have no money when everyone is sporting J Crew and Anthropology! But here's this girl wearing it proudly and looking absolutely fabulous! Now I'm shouting it from the rooftops, too! I love telling people how much I DIDN'T spend! haha

      And legs that go on for days? Please! You OWN that title, girl! And I think you should definitely try the heels with cutoffs! It's a perfect blend of casual and dressy...and it's just fun! ;)