July 25, 2013

guest post: nicole | writes like a girl

blouse: thrifted (originally J.Crew) // jeans: Gap // flats: Ross // bangle: Banana Republic

Hello lovely readers of Danielle's blog! I'm so happy to be here today while Danielle's off gettin' hitched and doing her birthday up big. She's the sweetest blog friend a girl could ask for, so when she asked if I could lend a hand with a guest post, I responded immediately while I was driving to say I was in.

Y'all know the Goodwillista loves a good deal and I'm no different. I'm not sure if Savers is a nationwide store, but in Austin, Savers is where it's at. I go about every week and a half with my boyfriend and we always leave with handfuls of gently used, discount goodies.

One of my most recent treasures is this orange J.Crew blouse. Since I thrift so often, I've added a new rule for myself where I prioritize name brands. Since tops can be especially overwhelming to search through, I can go from hanger to hanger much more quickly if I'm just looking for a tag with a recognizable name. Imagine my delight when I stumbled across this golden beauty, easily retailing for 40+. Since I donated a bag of clothes on my last trip to Savers (another rule of mine!), I had coupons in tow and scored this baby for only $6.

I love this top because I can dress up a pair of jeans if I'm heading out for drinks with the girls after running errands all day, or I can slip it into a pencil skirt for a networking event or interview.

I can't wait to see what Danielle thrifts with all her birthday money!


  1. This is such a great find! I never seem to be as lucky thrifting. Maybe I just have to go more!
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  2. that is a hard color to wear and it works well on you!

  3. This is the perfect color on you - what a fantastic find! It's always the worst for me finding shirts at thrift stores, it always seems so overwhelming. I guess that's okay though, because then I usually find a lot of skirts and pants, which I hate spending a lot of money on, and thrifted bottoms are much easier for me to buy.


  4. Beautiful outfit! I love mustard, and your top is really pretty. Looks amazing with those dark jeans.