April 24, 2014

aero blazer

Blazer: Aeropostale $25
Apt. 9 Blouse: Kohl's $16 (used Kohl's cash)
Gap Jeans: Plato's Closet $12
Flats: Payless $20
Necklace: Garage Sale $1
Total Outfit Cost: $58

I saw this blazer on Lauren over at Exploring My Style and was in love. I quickly went over to Aeropostale.com and surely enough, it was on sale! I usually don't like to spend over $20 for something (other than shoes) but I definitely don't mind it for this because I know I'll be getting a ton of wear out of it just like my coral blazer!
Speaking of Aeropostle, I haven't shopped there in forever and actually never really have, but my very first job ever was there! I was 16, and it was the summer before my senior year in high school. My friend Kaylee and I got the job there together as sale's associates for the summer. I only worked there for 2 months, and oh man it was an experience. Since I was a newbie the whole time I worked there I often had to work the dreaded dressing rooms. If you've ever worked retail, you understand and know that people shopping are just awful. I'll never forget this one lady brought her two boys with her, and she put them in a dressing room next to her while she tried on clothes... LOTS of clothes. Well. These two boys were cutting up the whole time, annoying the crap out of me. Then, I start smelling something gross. The boys were constantly farting in the dressing room! It was disgusting. I'll always say that everyone should work a day of retail to experience a sales associate/cashier's pain. 


  1. I've always thought the same thing about working in the food industry. People don't know the work that's put into being a waitress until you've been one. I haven't shopped at Aero in a long time either, may have to browse around on their website!

  2. Sooo I have that shirt, and you're reminding me that I can finally wear it again. Also, I think this blazer would look really cute with your white converse! (I have a pair, and I'm realizing their potential with my gray blazer.) Maybe a coral colored shirt, this blazer, skinnies, and your trusty Converse. You like how I just dressed you? You're welcome.

    And retail is such a thankless job. I always fold/hang my clothes after I'm finished in the dressing room and return them to wherever they need to go. It's amazing how often the dressing room staff are amazed by this small act that EVERYONE should do. Seriously, did people's mothers never teach them to clean up after themselves? I think all people should have to be in retail and food service. Gives you a whole new appreciation for both jobs.

  3. I've never worked retail like that before, my sister has and she definitely had some stories, too. I can't believe this blazer is from Aeropostale! They're stepping up their game!

  4. The blazer looks great on you! It's so versatile with its soft neutral color and super comfy cotton material. I have fit several layers on under it too. That neon top is perfect for spring!

    Aero is one of those stores that I'm not too sure about. I tend to get sucked in when I find a good sale (and they have lots!) And order things. About half of them look good in person the other half just don't fit right. They run so small! I'm glad the blazer worked out and they still had some!

  5. This blazer is cute! I bet you'll get a lot of wear out of it. I worked retail for several years, and yeah, it's not fun haha.

  6. Cute blazer! I worked at Old Navy through high school and oh man! I HATED the dressing rooms! But the discount sure made it bearable!

  7. soooo adorable :)


  8. What a terrible story! I got a really awesome pair of tan pants from Aeropostale once, but that was just about it. Nothing else ever seemed to fit me there. I love the grey and neon citrus together!

  9. Such a great find! I know I've said before.. but I LOVE blazers! :) SO lucky the softer ones look nice on you, they are not very flattering on me. haha oh well! -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  10. Love this blazer! Such a great look - the neon shirt is perfect!