April 1, 2014

the blazer is back

LC Blazer: Kohl's $24
Lace Top: Forever 21 old
Gap Jeans: Plato's Closet $12
Flats: Forever 21 old
Necklace: Forever 21
Total Outfit Cost: $36
I wore this blazer so much last spring and summer, and you better believe that it's be back again this year! Unfortunately, there are two pieces here that are definitely needing replacements: my leopard flats and my lace blouse. I remember that I got these flats sometime in the fall of 2011, and they have definitely gotten their full use by now. The sole of them are slightly falling apart, and the fabric is ripping. There's nothing really wrong with the lace blouse, but I think that I want to replace it with one that's better quality and thicker. I've been looking for new flats, but I just haven't had any luck with finding any that I like as much as these! I've considered the loafer style too, but the ones I tried on at target weren't comfortable. Anyone have any suggestions?


  1. Yay for your gorgeous blazer!! Your hair looks awesome today by the way. As for leopard flats, I've been searching for months for the perfect pair and have yet to find them. I really like the loafer style too but they do look uncomfortable. I thought I found a pair at Banana Republic but when I went to try them on, I was in between the 7 and 7.5 so I knew they weren't going to work out. I'll let you know if I end up finding a pair!

  2. Ooh let me know if you find a good replacement for your flats. I'm on the lookout to replace mine now that they've fallen apart =( Love this blazer, I can see why it gets so much wear!

  3. This is such a great outfit! I love coral and turquoise. That necklace is awesome and the lace blouse / tee is a major staple in sooo many colors and styles in my wardrobe! I have been searching for leopard 'smoking' style flats, but I didn't like the ones at Target and couldn't justify getting the Sam & Libby ones from a local department store. Maybe I can get them online sometime this summer :) Good luck on the search! -Alexandra

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  4. Holler! I love every outfit you wear with this blazer! And I'm in the market for a new lace top, too. Mine is on it's last leg, but certainly needs replaced! And I've always had good luck with Target flats, they aren't too expensive and they last long.


  5. Ah, I just love a good coral blazer. I need to break out mine soon, too! I love yours with the mint necklace. Thanks for the inspiration. Also, I pine for your leopard flats every time you post an outfit with them in it. It's something about that cute, little strap that seals the deal for me. I'm so sad for you that they're falling apart on you. Wah.

  6. If you're going for comfort over chic-ness, I think that the Dexter line at Payless is great and really comfortable. I actually got my leopard flats there, which I love so much, although they were part of the Christian Siriano line. Good luck finding replacements!

  7. I super love this outfit. Both you and Brynn rock your orange blazers this week. I am doing a 30 for 30 challenge this month but you bet your pretty face that I will be wearing my light (in material) orange blazer once May starts. =)

    I recommend some Leopard Loafers (check out DSW) and you can always find cute Lace Shirts at The Limited.