August 26, 2015

21 weeks


How far along? 21 weeks + 2 days

Baby is the size of a: Cantaloupe.

Total weight gain: 7 lbs. I had a doctor's appointment last week and my doctor said that I've gained the perfect amount so far, not too much and not too little. 

Maternity clothes? Look better on me than regular clothes. My regular tops just make me look fat!

Sleep: I want more of it. 

Movement? Yesss and loving it. As I type this, I can feel her kicking around!

Cravings: None.

Symptoms: The heartburn has begun. I've been feeling great though! It's funny because now that I'm actually showing people are always asking how I feel. If they would've been asking in the first trimester, they wouldn't have gotten a great response. Haha.

Best moment this week: Registering at babiesrus Saturday! I had so much fun with my mom and sister, but I gotta say that it was at the same time exhausting!


  1. Ah, heartburn.....tums and sleeping elevated are my best friend. Looking good!

  2. Registering is always fun, just be aware that you will register for things that you won't even end up needing or using!

  3. Registering must have been so fun! Do you have a certain theme or color you were looking for? I'm glad to feel you're feeling pretty well overall!

  4. Yay! You look beautiful and really happy. Glad to hear things are overall going well (minus that heartburn, yuck!)

    ♥ perfectly Priya