August 10, 2015

chambray dress

chambray dress
Dress: Old Navy (30% off) $25
Belt: came off of another dress
Mossimo Sandals: Target (bogo 1/2 off) $15
Total Outfit Cost: $40
Ok y'all. My goal this week is to catch up on some blogging. I'm holding myself to it. I have to! It wasn't such a big deal when I'd get behind on blogging before, but now that I have a growing bump, it can be confusing for me to post all out of order! What I'm going to do on each outfit post is try to include my weekly bump status at the end of each post. Hopefully that will help!
I wore this to eat for Larry's birthday dinner at Texas de Brazil.  Then we met my bestie and her husband at the movies to see Inside Out. Yes, we somehow drug our husbands to see a children's Disney movie with us and neither of them complained! Anyways, I had eaten so much at dinner that I totally had to take off this belt during the movie! I would have just loosened it, but it was already on the last hole. I guess this is what happens when you add a food baby to a baby baby!
*bump status: 14 weeks


  1. My goal for the week is to catch up on commenting! I had over 400 unread posts in my reader yesterday...I'm down to like 285 now. Yikes. I also wrote a post with outfit photos (!!) that will be going live tomorrow, haha!

    I really like this outfit on you. I just got two chambray dresses at Goodwill the other day and I'm in love with both of them. I wore one yesterday and will be wearing my other one for family photos in a couple of weeks :) I love how you accessorized yours with cognac leather!! Major thumbs up.

  2. This dress is amazing! And I've heard that Inside Out is great, and all from adults!

  3. ooooh sooo cute. I love how classic the shape of this dress is. Adorable! And I have really been wanting those sandals myself. Maybe I will go back and pick them up.. :) XO -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  4. Hahaha I'm trying to catch up too! I'm super behind on commenting on my own blog which means even MORE behind on reading my faves! Trying to do a few a day. I love seeing your growing little bump! How was Inside Out?? I've been dying to see it so I'll probably just rent it in a few months.

  5. Oh yay more blogging!

    How was Inside Out?! I've wanted to see it so bad and still haven't gone. This dress is adorable!

    ♥ perfectly Priya