February 27, 2013

i like my big butt and i cannot lie

One of my lovely blogger friends, Nicole at Writes like a Girl, is doing a series this week in honor of National Eating Disorder Awareness Week and Body Revolution 2013. She asked myself and some other bloggers to participate and write a letter to our favorite/least favorite body part. She says "As bloggers, we write about our trials with our clothes, but we rarely talk about the bodies that we can't just leave on our closet floors when they don't look quite right in the mirror. "

You can read my letter here.


  1. Mine is bigger LOL! Love the idea behind this post, I think it's great to bring awareness to eating disorders, especially in the fashion industry!!


  2. Thanks for sharing, for the record, I think you're beautiful :)

  3. I have always had a "bubble butt" and my husbands adoration of it grew on me and I have learned to like it too. :)

  4. I have a big butt too, girlfriend. And it's my favorite ass(et)