February 11, 2013

Simple Style

Jean Jacket: Old Navy Gifted
American Eagle Shirt: Goodwill $3.49
Jeans: TJ Maxx $10
Boots: $40
Necklace: Target old
Total Outfit Cost: $53.49

So remember how I told ya'll Saturday I was supposed to meet up with my friend from New York in New Orleans for Mardi Gras? Well I officially hate Mardi Gras this year. Larry and I drove to New Orleans, only to NOT be able to get to the hotel because of the parade going on. It was literally impossible to get there because of roads being barricaded off. So we drove around downtown N.O. for over an hour trying to get around to the hotel or at least a close enough park to walk. But nope, that didn't happen. We decided to turn around and go back home. I was SO upset (and still am) that I didn't get to spend Mardi Gras with my friend. 
We did get to meet up with them for lunch yesterday though! So after over a year I finally got to see of of the best friends I made in Disney. (the other one lives in California and is flying down to be in my wedding in July! eeeek!) It was so good to catch up with her, and we plan on getting together more while her and her boyfriend are living in Houston for the next 6 months!

And since it was her first time to Louisiana, I made her a "Welcome to Louisiana" basket complete with Community Coffee, Tony's Cacharies, Louisiana Hot Sauce, Cajun Gumbo Mix, Creole Jambalaya Mix, and Zapp's Potato Chips! And of course I brought them a king cake too ;)


  1. Oh man, I'd forgotten about Zapp's. I haven't had those in ages. They just might be the best potato chips ever. :) Sorry y'all missed Married Grad. But - I love your simple outfit! So cute and classic.

  2. I love "simple" outfits! & I'm pretty sure I NEED a jean jacket now...I just need to find one I like and for (hopefully) cheap when I go thrifting! I love your top know as well!! Looks so polished and pretty :)

    -Jenna Brianne

    1. Lemme tell you... I searched and searched for a thrifted jean jacket and couldn't find one. Then I went to Old Navy with my future mother in law and she bought me one. So then last week, I found a Gap jean jacket at the Goodwill... in. my. size. Gahhhhh. I didn't buy it because I'm already a clothes hoarder. :(

  3. Oh, I'm so sad for you :( I hoe you can find another time to get together.

  4. i can't believe i've never been to louisiana. i mean, it's RIGHT THERE. though mardi gras sounds like a distastuh, the things in your basket sound lovely, so maybe i'll make a trip sometime and see the good old...cajun state? ps. i looked up to see what "state" LA was and found out that your state drink is milk and the state insect is the honeybee.

    1. Where do you live? You HAVE to come. We have the best food. Seriously. If you came, I'd totally make you a basket too. I never knew our state drink was milk but I'm drinking a glass right now! And the honeybee? It should be the mosquito.. damn things are EVERYWHERE.