November 21, 2013

red coat

Jacket: Forever 21, old
Shirt: Old Navy, c/o Chippmunk
Pants: Old Navy $24
Booties: Shoe Station  (clearance) $15
Scarf: Cotton On $5
Total Outfit Cost: $44

First of all, I'd like to let you know that I don't own anything red other than this jacket. I've always felt weird in red (other than red lipstick). For some odd reason I came home with this red coat 2 years ago. It's maybe been worn 5 times. But something happened the day when I wore this outfit the other day. I felt totally confident in red! I really don't know why! Maybe I'll buy more red!

Know what else I'm wearing that I used to not wear either? Black and brown. How do you feel about wearing black and brown together? And NO I'm not talking about camel and black. To me, camel is more of a tan (but yes, camel does look amazing with black). I don't think I'd straight up wear chocolate brown shoes with black pants, but I really like this lighter shade of brown with black! Do you think it works?


  1. Omg I love that red coat.

    come and check out my blog too, k?

  2. That coat looks so good on you! I've wanted a red coat for so long. Until I find the perfect one, I have an old red orange coat! It's amazing how a bright colored coat can give you that extra boost of confidence! ;)


  3. the two first things i noticed were: 1. you look amazing in that shade of red 2. you're rocking the brown and black together! i actually feel the same about both of these things. wearing red as a blonde is kind of hard, but that coat is perfect. i think one of the reasons this works so well is because the red isn't *right* up against your face, because you have the (perfect) brown scarf to neutralize it. you could totally do a flannel with hints of red in it for something subtle, or a hot little red skirt, so that it's on the lower half of your body.

    as for the brown and black, i always get nervous wearing anything that doesn't scream camel, but i looove the colors you chose and think they work so well together. i just ordered a pair of black skinnies, so i can't wait to try this out!

    xo nicole

  4. Yes!! Love your outfit and love black and brown together. I sometimes wear a black dress with black tights/leggings and pair it with a chunky brown belt and brown boots. Maybe throw a jean jacket on as sort of a middle piece. I think having at least two pieces in each color makes the difference - like you have your shoes/scarf in brown and pants/shirt in black. Kind of brings intentionality to the matching.

  5. I agree the colors in this outfit work really well with your coloration. :)

  6. Love this outfit! And yes, the black and brown look fantastic together!


  7. I LOVE black and brown together. I used to shy away from it for the longest time because my best friend in high school declared it a "fashion don't", but I'm sorry, brown boots look their best with black skinny jeans in my opinion.

    Also, since we're twins and everything, I bought a red winter coat three years ago and loved it so absolutely much and felt confident in it and got loads of compliments (and got hit on a lot more HA!), but I bought it when I was like 40lbs heavier and so it's wayyyy to big now, and I need a new one!

  8. I have this exact same coat. It is the ONLY thing in my entire closet that is red, but I wear it more than anything else in the winter lol. I love the way you styled it and that color looks amazing on you :)

  9. I feel the same way with red!! I actually bought a red coat from Plato's last time I was there and will be wearing it on my Friday blog post. It's a hard color because I feel like it screams "look at me!" which is totally not my personality. It's a great color on you! You should keep rockin' it :)
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  10. Wow, that red coat is a treasure. But no kidding, you’re not used to wearing black or brown? It’s a must for everyone to wear them. They are the basic colors in fashion!


  11. So pretty! I just found my own red one that I'm SO in love with and hope to win on eBay. It's a super rad Marc Jacobs coat with red velvet trim on the collar and cuffs. AND there's lace and huge buttons. Seriously, what's not to love?