November 18, 2013

typical me

IMG_8651 IMG_8652
Shirt: JC Penney $3
LC Lauren Conrad Blazer: Kohl's $24
Pants: Old Navy $22
Boots: $40
Total Outfit Cost: $89

This is just one of those outfits I felt totally like me in. To be honest, any time I wear this blazer I just feel like me. It's possibly one of my absolute favorite things in my closet (along with these boots). Let me put it in this perspective, even if you told me you'd give me $100 for this blazer, I wouldn't take it. I wouldn't take the chance of not being able to find another one as perfect as this one! Oh and by the way, back in the beginning of the year, I asked y'alls opinion on getting new boots like these because the bottoms of them were ruined, but I ended up just getting these fixed for only $12! $12 vs $40+ for new boots? I'll take it.


  1. Love this and glad you were able to fix your boots!

  2. Pretty sure I have the same blazer. In black and ivory!

  3. if you ever have to choose items to take with you on a deserted island, i hope you take that blazer. looove that necklace!

    xo nicole

  4. Oh it's nice you were able to get the boots fixed! Love your blazer.

  5. $12 to fix boots? Not bad at all! It's so awesome to hear that you love your blazer that much. I don't think there are many items in my closet I wouldn't be willing to give up for $100. Hm. That's sad. Your outfit is happy though, so that's pretty awesome!

  6. Super cute necklace!! Where is it from?

    Clara, BFF

  7. OMG. So I've always thought we look kinda a lot alike. Blonde hair, similar bodies, etc... but I didn't realize quite how much we look alike til I was reading this blog post in bed, and my husband was asleep next to me, and he woke up momentarily and looked over at my computer screen (where I was looking at your blog), and sleepily said, "Mmmm who's that hot girl?". Which is what he always jokingly says anytime he sees photos of me up on the computer. I laughed right out at loud and said "WELL, NOT ME!" And he looked at the screen closer, and then back at me like a scared puppy, like I was gonna beat his butt. LOLOLOLOLOLOL. I'm dying right now.

    I really love that blazer as well though! H&M has one almost identical to it right now but it just doesn't sit right on my linebacker shoulders LOL. Looks great on you!

  8. Looking fabulous as always! Outfits like this are perfect, with one pop of color against a neutral palette. Lovely!
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