November 1, 2013

october budget


1. Target Dress: $12 
I found this dress on the clearance rack, and I loveee the fall colors and the print. It's not something I was actually looking to buy, but my co-worker said it was a must buy ;) 

2. Zara Cardigan: $9.99
I have been searching for a mustard cardigan for over a year! Can't believe I finally found one.. I have so many outfit ideas for it!

3. Old Navy Dress: $5
This dress was on clearance online for $10 and then the clearance was 20% off the day I ordered it, so that made it $8 + $7 shipping - $10 left on a gift card from Chippmunk= $5! I call that a score. 

4. Sweater: Garage Sale $0.50
Yepp, just 50 cent, baby. I <3 garage sale-ing.

5. Blouse: Goodwill $2.99
This blouse is perfection and I want more blouses like it!

Total Spent: $30.48

I've been following Fran for a while, so I've known about her budgeting bloggers link up, and I've been wanting to link up ever since, but I just never took the time to actually keep track of what I spent each month on clothes. But finally, FINALLY I kept track! I'm really not sure what my monthly budget is just yet, because Larry and I are still getting used to sharing a bank account, and I'm still getting used to an actual salary. I don't really know what an appropriate amount to spend is yet. Maybe keeping track of what I spend each month will help me to come up with an actual budget? How did you come up with your budget?


  1. I think tracking it for a few months would definitely give you a few ideas. I'm also pretty sure that Fran has a post where she helps with figuring out %-wise what your spending could be. I would say you shouldn't worry about it too much if $30 is regular amount for you though!

  2. I've heard that clothing budget averages about 5-7% of typical budgets (but I can't remember if that is for families or individuals). I also see a lot of people budgeting about $100-150/mo, or $1200-1800/year. I think $30/mo. is impressive and admirable!

  3. So impressive! I love the blue blouse. I didn't fare quite as well as you but I did ok. Check out my budget post when you get a chance;)

  4. Yay for budgeting this month! You did really well! I almost bought that dress from Old Navy... does it fit well? I was worried about it hanging strangely on me, but I love the print so much!

    I have $200 in a "fun money" budget each month and I pretty much try to spend as little of it as possible! Anything I don't spend goes into a budget for travel so it's a really good incentive!

  5. This is such a good idea to keep track of what you actual spend on clothing. I might have to give it a try.