November 12, 2013

our wedding, part I: getting ready

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The morning of our wedding day was great. My bridesmaids, mom, nanny, and mother-n-law met me at Amber Nichol Salon where we had out hair and makeup done. My mom and sister were initially so stressed that they wouldn't have all of us done in time for the wedding, but they did it... with time to spare. I never stressed though. In all the time leading up to the wedding ceremony I never felt stressed once. For the first time in a while, I felt zero anxiety.  All morning I was so at ease. I was just so happy. I knew that this was all God's plan for me, that I was walking down the right path, the path to marry Larry. (hehe I rhymed ;)
Ps. YES, I am completely picture happy. It's so hard to choose, so I choose to show many. Hope you don't mind!


  1. it's like watching a barbie get dressed. that gown is seriously the most beautiful thing on you. cannot wait to see more!

    xo nicole

  2. What beautiful pictures! When I was getting ready, the power in the salon went out. Good thing most of my hair had been curled by then, and there was enough heat in the iron to finish the job. You look stunning in your dress!

  3. Gorgeous! I LOVE your dress, you look amazing!

  4. Love the pictures! So glad you didn't feel any stress on your wedding day!!

  5. Your dress is absolutely gorgeous! You looked phenomenal :)

  6. These pictures are gorgeous! Everything about your wedding is stunning!


  7. Gorgeous!!! Your dress is beautiful!


  8. I'm absolutely in love with all these photos, Danielle! I don't plan on walking down the aisle any time soon, but seeing how happy and radiant you look is so sweet and inspiring. I especially love how at ease you were during the entire morning - I think you know you're making one of the best decisions when you feel that way (:


  9. Aww you look so BEAUTIFUL Danielle!! I can't wait to see the rest!
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