April 16, 2013


Jacket: Old Navy Gifted
Top: Old Navy Gift Carded
Skirt: Old Navy Gift Carded (on sale for $12!)
Sandals: Ross $16
Total Outfit Cost: $16

My mom says that wrinkly isn't a word. She says that I shouldn't say my shirt is wrinkly, instead wrinkled. Nahh. Wrinkly. My shirt is wrinkly in this picture.

So I don't know if you've noticed, but I'm pretty smart when it comes to spending gift cards. I always buy stuff that I know I can't/won't be able to find at a thrift store. I have gift carded my yellow pants, my purple pants, a perfect little black dress, and my trusty fedora. For Easter, the Easter Bunny brought me a dark chambray shirt from Old Navy. It was too big, so I decided to return it. I also was wanting a lighter chambray anyways. Old Navy didn't have the color chambray I wanted, but it did have this striped skirt (on sale whoop whoop) and this top (also on sale!). 

I've been wanting this skirt since I saw Lynette in this outfit. I was excited to get it with my merchandise credit and on sale. Then after I saw this shirt and put it on with the skirt, I almost had her outfit! Go check her out by the way. She's flippin gorgeous and her style is so pretty and polished. 


  1. i love this out! green is so pretty on you. i went to old navy today to try on a dress i've been lusting after online for a bit. it was even more perfect in person. the orange was so bright and a little lighter than i thought, the length was totally interview appropriate, and the waistline fit like a dream. and then the zipper was broken. on every single dress. i am devestated. buuut i also didn't have $35 (was going to put it on my gap card....big no no), so i guess it's for the best. i'm just so upset because i had already planned weeks worth of outfits for it.

    i love seeing all the ways you wear your denim jacket. giving me so many ideas!

    xo nicole

  2. I love the stripes with the denim jacket! And isn't it the best when you are cleaning and you find a random gift card you forgot about? My absolute fave :)

  3. Ahaha I noticed the skirt we'd talked about, but totally didn't realize your outfit was so similar to mine! I like yours better!!! Ahahaha I guess this is good news to me, because I'm uploading an outfit later this week that is accidentally similar to one you posted a few days ago.. what can I say? Beautiful blondes think alike. I think that's how the saying goes...

  4. I actually found your blog a couple of weeks ago from Lynette's! I need a nice jean jacket for spring- so I'm thinking I should try Old Navy now!

  5. Wrinkly is totally a word Momma Goodwillista! ;)
    I feel like a lot of my shirts from Old Navy always get all wrinkly when I wear them, but.. such is my life. I agree with Nicole, that green is gorgeous on you! :D

    I definitely agree with you on spending gift card money on things you know you can't thrift.. which is why I always seem to buy bathing suits with gift cards. I mean, I'm not wearing someone's secondhand bathing suit, that's kinda gross.

  6. I say wrinkly too...haha! :-)

    Such a cute outfit! I saw a skirt similar to that the other day and was wondering how to wear it. You answered my question!

  7. Love that skirt and green top! So cute :) I am on the hunt still for a jean jacket...!

  8. Oh I love that skirt!! And I love it with that green. Such a great combo.

  9. I have a b&w striped skirt too. Love it!

  10. I've been desperately wanting a skirt like that, and I adore how you styled yours! the jean jacket and green looks so good with it.