December 15, 2014

wish list

wish list 2014
I've been sick with a sinus infection, so I've been spending a lot of hours on the couch. So I figured I'd share my Christmas list with y'all! 
{Taylor Swift 1989}: We listened to the whole CD a few times in the car during my bestie's bachelorette party, and I've decided I've GOT to have it!
{Victoria's Secret gift card}: I really need some new bras!! But I'm just too cheap to spend my money on them, so a gift card would come in handy.
{Kate Spade Cedar Street Maise}: I've worn my Michael Kors purse for over a year and a half now, so I think it's time for a new purse!
{Kiss Instawave Automatic Curler}: I saw Ginny's tutorial/review on this and I gotta have it.
{Moccasins}: Not exactly sure if these are supposed to be slippers or flats, but they look super comfy and cute.
{Michael Kors Watch}: Not something I necessarily need, but it would be real purrty on my wrist.
{Bootie Slippers}: I got some a few years ago for Christmas and I love them, but I've washed them one too many times now so the inside is all messed up.
{X ring}: I spotted a ring like this at Dillard's a few months ago, and I've been smitten ever since. 
{Keurig 2.0}: Brew for one or brew for all... need I say more? 
{Weekender bag}: I've been using a $4 Vera Bradley dupe for 4 years now because it's just the right size for me, but I'd love to have a bag made out of a better material instead of cloth.
{Steve Madden Leopard Flats}: The leopard flats I have currently are falling apart! These would be the perfect replacement. I swear I've been eyeing them for years.


  1. These are great! I have TS' new album but only heard it once because my bf can't stand her music! Haha. I'm drooling over the purses you picked and those slippers look heavenly! I hope you feel better soon!

  2. oooh that bag.. Love it! And I am still really wanting leopard print shoes of some kind too... :) Just broke down and bought new bras... it feels good though you know? There are few things like a new bra to make you feel good... maybe that doesn't make sense.. haha but I love it! Tswift has been on repeat for a month.. so I am finally getting tired of it, but there is some good stuff on there. I think I still like Red more, but I definitely like the album. :) XO -Alexandra

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  3. I do love this curling iron, thanks for linking to me!