January 19, 2015


Dress: Le Tote (had referral credit) $25/month 
Boots: Just Fab (on sale) $20
Necklace: super old, maybe even from high school
Total Outfit Cost: $45

Can we talk about Pretty Little Liars for a second?  I don't even get excited for it to come on anymore.  I pretty much just watch it because I have to.  No, no ones making watch it, but I feel like I'm just watching it because eventually we'll all find out who A really is and it'll all make sense.  But for now, I'm bored with the show.  I barely pay attention to it when it's on anymore.  Like now as I watch it, I'm typing this.  I used to be so enamored in the show and had to focus 100% of my attention on it while I watched it.  Not so much anymore.  Anyone else feeling the same about our beloved PLL??

Also, thanks everyone for your input on this outfit! Just an fyi- constructive criticism is always welcome on my blog! 


  1. The patterns and the colors in this dress are so cute! I love it. I never got into PLL. I did do Gossip Girl and I gotta tell ya, they get so boring during the last few seasons.

  2. I don't have cable so I don't actually know when PLL is on. Is it on again?! That excites me. I love the show, but in a "I love this because it's so ridiculous" way rather than a "I love this because it's so awesome/high quality" way. I'm the same way with Grey's Anatomy. I'm not sure if we'll ever figure out who A is since from what I had heard, the author of the series is still writing? Oh well.

  3. I feel ya! I feel like I need to finish it since I've been watching it all this time. I just want to know who A is and be done with it!

  4. I used to love that show as well. Unfortunately, I had to quit it because as you said...it just wasn't exciting anymore! I do love the styling on that show though.


  5. I used to really like PLL! I binged watched on Netflix the first two seasons, and couldn't wait for the next episode. But, honestly I haven't watched a single episode of this season. I'm kind of hoping I can just watch the finale and figure out what I 'missed'.

  6. Cute dress. ;) I've never watched PLL. No input, sorry! I have been feeling that way about a lot of shows recently. KC and I decided to cut our watchlist in half and then binge watch the last half of the season for the other half of the shows later. It's more satisfying. :) XO -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  7. I know loads of people who are religious about that show! I actually have never seen an episode. I bet I would like it, but I don't watch a lot of TV in general, so I try to make what I do watch count. Sounds like maybe they are dragging it out and need to get it over with? Great dress, looks comfy and that fabric looks sturdy (that sounds dumb, you know what I mean) hope you are having a lovely week!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  8. I never really got in to PLL but I'm all about this dress haha!


  9. I just went on a long rant and it all got deleted. Grr. I feel like PLL is getting a bit ridiculous, giving us answers but then taking them away and changing their mind! I don't look forward to watching it anymore. I just want to see what happens now.

    Loving that dress on you! It looks thick and warm for winter.