January 27, 2015

sister weekend

navy + mustard + gray
gray jeans outfit
Shirt: Old Navy (clearance) $8
Jeans: Old Navy (sale + 30% off) $20
Scarf: Ebay $4
Boots: JCP $45
Total Outfit Cost: $77

My sister was in town this weekend, and I have to say, we had some awesome (much needed) sister time. We started our weekend off Friday night with some chickfila, watching my husband box at the gym, then falling asleep on the couch watching a lifetime movie on Netflix (the pregnancy project). What party animals, I know!

Saturday morning we cooked breakfast together- omelets and toast with muscadine jelly (so yum). And coffee of course. Can't forget the coffee.  After that we took over 2 hours to get ready. No lie. I let her do my makeup and she took for.ev.er. Plus, I'm just impatient. Then we went to Old Navy. We both bought this dress for only $12 (I got indigo, she got black)! I also got a blouse that was on clearance for $2.97 (yepp cheaper than Goodwill). We went to the movies to see Boy Next Door (good movie, but crazy ending). We went to Plato's Closet. Sista always finds good stuff there! I tried on this adorable leather dress, but for 1. where would I wear a leather dress? and 2. it was an ugly green color. I did end up leaving with some adorable teal pumps though! Sunday we went to church and brunch with Larry and his granny, then we just hung out for the rest of the day and watched Gone Girl.

  I'm so glad I finally got to spend the weekend with my sister. She really is my best friend and it stinks that we don't get to spend more time together since we live 2 hours apart.


  1. Sounds like such a fun weekend! And I love this simple chic look!


  2. What a great weekend. I love when my sister visits too :)

  3. This sounds like such a fun weekend!

  4. This is CRAZY- I literally saw Boy Next Door (l o l) on Saturday and then finally saw Gone Girl on Sunday! Uh, we did the same thing this weekend. Except I didn't have my sisters visiting :( glad you two could spend some time together doing your favorite things!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  5. Aw, this sounds like so much fun. I used to live 2 hours away from a really good friend, but we never took the time to see each other. Now we live 12 hours away from each other and it stinks. We really regret not seeing each other more when we were so close! You're lucky to have your BFF so close (mine is 15 hours away). AND cute shoes!! :)

  6. Aww this sounds like a blast! It must be great to have a sister to have good times with. A thrifting buddy would be icing on the cake!

    I love outfits with your mustard scarf. You give me ideas on how to wear mine!

  7. What a great weekend! I think it's awesome that you and your sister are so close! I don't have a sister, and I always feel kind of cheated about that, haha. I really like this outfit on you, Danielle! That tunic/top is so cute and right up my alley! And I'm loving that knit mustard scarf.