January 26, 2015

four seasons, one dress: winter

1 dress 4 seasons- winter
four seasons one dress - winter
Gap Dress: Goodwill $8
Cardigan: Zara $10
Scarf: Plato's Closet $3
Tights: Old Navy (on sale) $4
Boots: JCP $45
Total Outfit Cost: $70

Hi all! Hope you had a great weekend! My sister was in town, so I sure did! Today Priya and I are showing y'all how we styled our striped dress for winter. Priya looks adorable all bundled up in her thick gray scarf and olive coat! I know some of you may think that my outfit isn't very winter-y, but it's as best as it's going to get when it's 64 degrees outside! Funny story actually... Back in November when Priya and I were getting our four seasons, one dress fall edition ready, we had some winter weather in the fall. So, I had actually worn this same outfit, but with fleece lined leggings, a thicker scarf, and my coat., but I couldn't share that outfit for fall! So pretty much it was winter in the fall and now fall in the winter. Crazy. 

And below, for your viewing pleasure... bloopers! Let me just say, it's so much easier taking my pictures with my tripod. I had my sister take these, and I swear every picture she took was terrible! I guess I have my tripod set up at just the right angle? I have no clue but I swear, everysingletime I ask family/friends/husband to take my blog picture, I hate the pictures. HOW do you all get your people to take good pictures of you?Or are y'all just that photogenic and I'm not?? Lol

four seasons, one dress: summer
four seasons, one dress: fall


  1. I love the bloopers, they all look so cute!

  2. Yay my two favorite bloggers back together again! You guys are seriously getting your money's worth out of that dress! I'm loving it paired with mustard for fall--I mean winter :)

    These bloopers are fantastic. You should makw these a regular thing!

  3. I love that we went with the same color scheme :)

    Your tripod pics always look perfect! I guess it would be weird to finally have someone behind the camera for once. Can't believe it was 64 degrees for you, wow. I hope you had the best weekend with your sis girly! Looking good. This dress was a great purchase for sureeee

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  4. I love this look! That mustard cardigan is amazing! What a great color. You and Priya did a great job remixing this dress yet again!

    Alysia Ave

  5. Love the way you both styled this dress! And your fun pictures at the end haha you're too cute!


  6. You're so adorable. I love watching you make one piece work all year long. When you use your tripod, do you also use a remote? If you don't, maybe there's something about the way the camera focuses on the background, rather than the way it focuses on you when someone else takes it? Or it could be something about the height from which the photos are taken? Or the location itself? Ahhh too many variables to figure it out. Good luck though!

  7. You always look amazing in your photos. My mother is so terrible at taking photos they always come out blurry so I have to try and photography myself. One of my favorite ways is to photograph myself in a mirror, like they used to do in the 1960s fashion magazines. I also study old magazines and new ones for poses to do in my photos and that seems to help.

  8. WOW. Love that dress, It looks stunning on you! xo


  9. Oh gosh, I'm the worst at being photographed by another human being as well...it's kind of embarrassing, haha! Either way, you're super cute, even in your bloopers! Those are my favorite kinds of photos anyway :) And I love that dress! I have multiple black + white striped dresses that I love because they're so darn versatile!!