January 29, 2015

pinspired style: navy + maroon

gingham button up and maroon cardigan
navy + maroon
Shirt: Target $20
Cardigan: Old Navy (sale + super cash) $13
Pants: Gap (clearance) $10
Booties: Just Fab $20
Total Outfit Cost: $63

Today I'm linking up with Audrey's Putting Me Together Style Challenge to copy an outfit you've pinned. I've actually been meaning to copy this pin for a while, and this challenge gave me the chance to go ahead and try it! I wanted to wear it with my gray jeans like the pin, but I didn't want to wait until Friday so I wore my navy pants instead. I love the way this outfit turned out, and this may be one of my new favorite color combos!

Well my husband and I have the flu (my first time ever having it) so I'm going to get back to resting! I literally slept all day yesterday. Today we're feeling a lot better though, thank God! :)


  1. I love this! So, so cute. I dunno, I haven't seen the version with gray jeans, but I still might like this version better!

  2. I love these two colors together!

  3. Cute outfit! And I hope you recover quickly! It seems like everyone is sick right now!

  4. Glad to hear you are already feeling better! I love the navy and maroon colors together, great look!

  5. I had to click on your link because we both are wearing the same color palette - which I have been so in love with of late! I hadn't seen your Pinterest inspiration photo and really like how it looks with the grey jeans, too. Wonderful look all around!

  6. Great idea for a challenge, that if I had my ish together I would have totally participated in! I've got an entire "outfits to recreate" Pinboard! Love the color combo here. Hope you and Larry get to feeling better over the weekend!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  7. This color combo is lovely! I'm crushing hard on your cardigan. Navy pamts were a great choice! They match perfectly with your top and lets the cardigan steal the show. Adorable!

  8. These colors go together wonderfully! Very cute outfit!

  9. glad you are feeling better! I personally loove navy and will until the end of time... : ) XO -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  10. First time ever having the flu? Wow. Hope you feel better soon! Loving this look on you!


  11. Oooh, I really like this, Danielle! We had "All American Day" at my school last week (it was Snow Week, haha), so I wound up wearing my maroon cardigan with a white/blue striped chambray shirt and navy skinny dress pants, and I looooved how the outfit turned out as well! Maroon and navy just look great together!