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Hi and thanks for your interest in Goodwillista!
 For inquiries (or just to chat!) you can contage me at:
As long as it's in line with my style and the partnership is a good fit,  I am open to sponsored posts, shop features, styled items, giveaways, product reviews, or any other sort of collaborations.
I look forward to hearing from you!


  1. I absolutely love your style. You really inspire me. I took your advice to "dig" at the thrift store and when I went to the Council Thrift Store in Mar Vista, CA. last week I dug through all of these bags in a box near the purse section and found a really nice blue polka dotted LeSportsac bag that only cost about $6.00 way at the bottom of the box.

  2. I love love love your blog!
    I would love to swap buttons with you!

  3. You are one of my favorite bloggers because you have great style and you never fail to inspire me. I'd love to collaborate with you and swap buttons. Please check out my blog at and contact me at if you're interested. I just wrote a blog on the website I started for fashion coordination tips,, about a beige Pierre Cardin short-sleeved ribbed pullover sweater that I found at my favorite Goodwill Industries Thrift store. Please check it out and let me know what you think.

  4. We just wanted to let you know you are featured on our blog today and would love to collaborate. Visit us and let us know what you think!