thrifting tips

1. Size doesn't matter- When I'm sifting through clothes at a thrift store, I don't really look at the size on the tag. If it strikes my eye whatsoever, in the buggy it goes. A lot of clothes get donated because of size. You may find an XL top that shrunk and is now a medium.

2. Try on EVERYTHING- This tip goes along with #1. You never know what something is going to look like on, might as well try it on and see. Especially if you listen to #1 and try on something that isn't you size.


3. Don't buy something just because it's a few dollars- This is a tip for those who may catch the thrifting bug and become addicted to thrifting like me.  

4. Don't doubt the thrift stores in your area

5. Be persistent, go often- I like to go to at least one of my local thrift stores once a week. You could go two days in a row and still find something new.

6. Dig, dig, DIG- You can't just walk up to the racks and expect something great to pop out at you. You have dig through each item. When I'm looking through clothes, I like to push all the clothes to one side, and then quickly sort through each item pushing it to the opposite side.

7. Travel- When you go out of town, take that as an opportunity to visit other thrift stores. Areas where the wealthier live are great places to find name brand items... ya know, if you're into that sort of thing.

8. Ugly can be fixed... sometimes- Hey, if you're good with the sewing machine, the options at a thrift store are ENDLESS for you. Katherine (Thrifted Things) totally re-makes things she thrifts. She'll pretty much use a shirt as fabric and re-create an entirely new shirt! I wish I was able to do that!

9. Grab a buggy/basket- I love filling up a buggy of stuff to try on! When my push one around, you're also more likely to be open-minded.


10. Be open minded (see #2, 4, &8)

11. Search through everything- I don't only shop for clothes at thrift stores, I also buy a lot of home decorations and jewelry.

12. Inspect before you buy- This one is SO important! You don't want to get home with your awesome finds only to realize that there's a huge stain or hole. I can't tell you how many times I've walked up to the register and found imperfections with something I was about to purchase.

13. Wash before you wear- Hopefully this one is self explanatory!

14. Thrifting is NOT luck

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