April 15, 2013


Two Fridays ago I had an interview in Lake Charles (my future home). It was my second big girl job interview (I had a third last Friday). My mom and sista went with me so that I could show them Larry and I's house. They absolutely loved it by the way!! I wore this outfit for my first interview and got a second interview, which I did not take because it was fully commission. I figured since it was lucky enough to get me a second interview the first time, it would be lucky enough this time... and it was! I have a second interview in two weeks! 
The interview I went to last week was yet another fully commission. Ugh. Not that I would take a second interview, but they didn't call me back for one yet and I'm thinking it's cause I didn't wear this outfit. I'm weird and sometimes superstitious. 

Blazer: Goodwill $4.99
Banana Republic Skirt: Goodwill $3.49
Button Up: Old
Charlotte Russe Flats: Goodwill $3.49
Purse: Target $26
Total Outfit Cost: $37.97

You can't get much more professional than a black blazer and a white button up, but if you're wondering why I didn't go with a black skirt is because I didn't want to come off as too boring. I want to add some color and personality to my outfit. I went with flats because I didn't have any closed toe plain black heels. I don't think open toe is appropriate for an interview (just in case it goes against the company's dress code policy). I have some cap toe black heels but I think I walk funny in them and that's the last thing I want when I walk into an interview... "How about that girl who walked funny?"

We took these pictures when we met Larry for lunch. I saw this awesome colored wall and knew it would be el perfecto for outfit pictures. I especially love how the wall contrasts so good with my purple skirt! 

Sista and I always actin' a fool in public.


  1. Ha! Love the picture with your sister! And I totally agree about the skirt! I hate being "boring" anyway with my clothes, so I always have to have some kind of flare for an interview. You've got to be remembered somehow when everyone has the same kind of experience and a bold outfit that's still appropriate is the way to go in my opinion!


  2. i've been searching for a pencil skirt in that shade of purple forever. let me rephrase that--i found a jcrew one and i'm trying to find it on ebay for a reasonable price. they don't even have it at jcrew anymore. womp womp.

    i love this outfit and i love your hair and i love that wall. i grabbed that bag the other day and showed dago and he was like 'isn't it a little...bright?' and i cried all the way home. not really, but it was still a sad time.

    also, i think flats can be great for an interview if you feel confident in them. i'm so tall that every time i've worn heels to an interview, i've towered over the interviewer. so i just wear my really awesome flats and stand tall.

    i guess that's enough comment for one post.

    xo nicole

  3. I love this outfit! The pop of color in the yellow purse is just right. Good luck on interviewing!

  4. Awwww! Such a cute outfit, post and blog! I love it all. I can't wait to follow you....Eeeeep!

  5. Oh My Gawd! I just made you an even 200 followers!