April 28, 2013

Thrift Tip

My thrift tip today is for those like me who may become addicted to thrifting. You also should keep this in mind even if you aren't addicted.
Don't buy something just because it's a few dollars!!
You will end up with so many items in your closet that have either been worn once, or not at all. I know this from experience! I'm working on only buying items that I love, and not just saying "oh this is kinda cute, it's only $3, I'll get it." Those $3 add up!

These pictures are from a trip to the Goodwill a couple of days ago and I did good. I found a lot of items that were just okay, but I didn't settle.
Banana Republic Button Up: I liked the color of it, but something about the collar I just didn't like. Isn't that how a men's button up collar is supposed to be?
Purple Old Navy Shorts: These were just a little big on me and could have worked, but again, I need to stop buying things that are just okay.

This top would have been cute with some khaki shorts... or now that I'm thinking of it, it would look good with my yellow jeans. Oh poop. Maybe I should have gotten it?

Lace Heels: These were practically new. They looked like they may have been worn once. Thing is, they were 1/2 a size too big. I carried them around in the store debating if I should get them and just add some little heel pads to make them fit. I stopped myself though. Gahh the shape of them were just so cute!
Gap Tee: This Gap t-shirt fit good, but I'm just not a red person, unless it's on my lips. I also love fitted t-shirts like this, but I just rarely wear them.
Loft Shorts (tags still on them): The face in this picture explains these shorts. They were just weird. I could not even figure them out.
J. Crew Shorts: These weren't as orange as they look in the picture, they were more red... but as you seem they were just a little big. The shirt in the picture was way too big too and shear and I didn't have an undershirt on so a picture would have been a little inappropriate. 

Ps. Someone please contact Firmoo and let them know I need some new glasses!


  1. Ooooh girl! I have this problem big time!! I have like 3 sweaters that I have never touched! Good lesson...I'll TRY to stick to it! ;)

    PS I think you should go back for that floral top; it looks amazing on you! And I think your look great in red!

    High Heels and Training Wheels

  2. Ugh! I always find myself saying that. Ohh it's only $3, why not. Need to focus on just getting stuff I love.

  3. yepp, I had the same issue on Friday night! I went to the nicest Goodwill in town and found SO many tops and dresses that I thought had potential but when I started trying them on...I just wasn't *in love* with any of them! I left with a few items I really liked but seriously, I went into the fitting room with like 20 items! It's so hard to pass up a good deal but you're so right...those $3 items add up SO quickly!

    -Jenna Brianne

  4. Great blog! I am your newest follower! :)

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  5. Seriously the best lesson I've ever learned.. it took me so long to get this because everything was so cheap! But, after cleaning out my closet this past winter and seeing all of the clothes that I NEVER wear, I decided to stop just buying things because they looked alright on me. I want to buy things that I'm excited to wear.. or if I don't buy it, and can't stop thinking about it two weeks later, that's probably a sign too.

    You can send me those J. Crew shorts though, they'd probably fit me ;)

    kristina in retroworter

  6. I never try things on in Goodwill which is probably my first problem. I always think that even if something ends up not being right, then I'll just donate it back, which clearly, is stupid. lol


  7. Stop being so cute in the Goodwill dressing room!!! I think you did well on passing on everything except those heels!!! Girl, you needed to find a way to make them work! Adorable!! ;)

  8. you are so cute! and all those clothes are so cute - i need to go thrifting with you!

  9. HEY! I just found you after finding a purple midi skirt at goodwill today and searching on pinterest for ways to wear it and there you were! I love your thrifting tips and grabbed your button and followed and now I'm stalking all of your goodwill purchases. Hopefully in a non-creepster way :)

  10. I completely agree. At thrift stores, it's very tempting to buy things that don't fit that are otherwise perfect. It's also very tempting to buy things that you /know/ you won't wear more than once or twice. I'm luckily not to the point where I'm buying everything, however I'm not discounting the possibility that I will get there... there are days when I find nothing and I tend to accept that.
    -Lauren @ The Year of the Thrift

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