April 3, 2013

would you be my friend if...

Fedora: Charming Clarlie, Gift Carded
Shirt: Ross $5.99
Jeans: TJ Maxx (clearance) $10
Charlotte Russe Flats: Goodwill $3.49
Necklace: Charming Charlie (clearance) 5.99
Earrings: The Fuller House Resale Shop $0.50
Total Outfit Cost: $25.97

Would you still be my friend if I posted blog photos like this...?

Does anyone else play that game with your friends? My friend Adele and I play would you be my friend if I walked liked this... and then we proceed to walk in really retarded ways. Yes, in public. 

My sister, Alyssa, and I like to play would you be my friend if I smiled like this... which usually ends up with a ton of hideous pictures of ourselves.  

Larry and I's favorite is would you still be with me if I talked like this... He actually gets generally embarrassed by my retarded self. :P I don't get embarrassed easily, but he does, so it's always fun for me!

This face is my feeling towards mirror pictures. 


  1. haha! my friends and I do this too!! i usually get all my friends to say "nope, no way!" when I push my nose up to look like a pig.

    it's attractive, really. :)


  2. HAHA! I do this with everyone! Sometimes they play along and sometimes they just stare at me. Meh.


  3. i will definitely still be your friend. definitely definitely. i loooove that face in the picture with the pink sweater.

  4. I love your creative style and have enjoyed reading your blog, until this post... The use of the word retarded is offensive.

  5. I would be your friend BECAUSE you posted pics like that! (I used to play that game too) You have a new follower :) (I appreciate someone who doesn't take themselves so seriously ;)

  6. Agree with Liisa, your word choice is incredibly immature and offensive. My 2 year old son *is* intellectually disabled and it is hurtful to throw this word around in a joking manner. I hope you never, ever have to go through the pain, devastation, and heartbreak of finding out that your child has a disability that causes both physical and intellectual disabilities.