April 17, 2013

save the date

I'm so excited to finally show y'all our save the date!!

Larry and I's friend MJ is a graphic design major, so he designed us these FO FREE
The picture is one of our engagement photos (taken by the amazing Tate Tullier).

So wanna know how cheap they were? 
Well I ordered them from Snapfish and at the time they were having a promotion for 5 cent 4x6 prints, SCORE! We hadn't quite finished the guest list yet so I order 200 matte 4x6 prints just to be safe (way too many). So with tax and shipping they came out to a whole $18! 

We ordered the 4x6 envelopes from Amazon for $22 for 200.

The total for 200 save the dates was only $40! So cheap!
So when someone tells you it's too expensive to send out save the dates, tell them their crazy and do what I did!

(I only ended up sending out about 100, so postage was like another $50, still not bad!)

Here are some of the other save the date options MJ gave me... Aren't they all great??


  1. Wow! MJ did an amazing job!!! They look fantastic and what an amazing deal you got on them!!


  2. GIRL. these are amaaaaazing. i love the one you chose. i look at save the dates tons for work and these are easily some of my favorites. i also love the top left on the ones he hadn't finished, but gosh the one you chose is PERFECT.

    xo nicole

  3. Wow! MJ did an AMAZING job! (I secretly wish I had become a graphic design major.. don't tell anybody) These are so gorgeous, and I really really love that photo of y'all! :D

    We did postcard style Save the Dates as well (..I find it really awk when people post on wedding websites and put STDs, so I'm never abbreviating save the date, ever). And everyone seemed to love them!

    kristina in retroworter

  4. Those are so pretty! I love the one you choose.. how awesome you had a friend that could do that for you! :)


  5. Love the save the dates. I like the on you choose as well!!! Can't wait to see the rest of the house and wedding details!!!

  6. i LOVE these "save the dates"! The one you picked is my favorite, too :) I have a pretty awesome photoshop-ish program on my computer that lets me design pretty much anything, so i know I will be designing my own ('fo FREE) when the time comes.

    only a few more months for you, chica! so excited for you guys!

    -Jenna Brianne

  7. Gorgeous! I love them! And I love that you ordered them yourself. So much cheaper that way--we did the same thing :)

  8. Oh my gosh, these are GORGEOUS! That first one you showed is by far my favorite. So sweet, so beautiful, and seems so you! So excited about you wedding! Can't wait to see more details. I just got married this past September, so wedding stuff is still fresh on my mind! :)

  9. GORGEOUS Danielle! The pictures are stunning to begin with! We didn't do save-the-dates in fact, we didn't even do invites. We eloped those many years ago...it's not nearly as exciting and romantic as it sounds, I mourn the wedding dress I didn't get to wear, often! haha I'm kidding but seriously, I was inspired once again by one of your thrifty outfits and I included you in my post today :) You can check it out here :)

    High Heels and Training Wheels

  10. Congrats on your impending nuptials - your "save the dates" are so sweet!

  11. OMG Danielle, your Save the Date is so cute. Congratulations Girl. You look FAB in those photos. It is coming up so soon.

    I also featured one of your looks last week in my Sunday Feature, as I have before as well. Here it is below. Check it out!


    Hope to see you in my page soon, Pretty Girl. Thank You.

  12. ABSOLUTELY AWESOME IDEA! So great that you inspired my Saturday afternoon blog! Thanks for being u, and Congrats again! Woohoo Wedding Planning :)


    Tracy K