April 4, 2013


Denim Jacket: Old Navy, Gifted
Shirt: Old Navy $3.99
Jeans: Old Navy, Gift Carded
Flats: Forever 21 $18
Scarf: Target $4.00
Purse: Target $26
Total Outfit Cost: $51.96

Ohhh these yeahlow pants.. I just don't know how to style them other than like this and this.  I love the fit of the jeans themself, so I've actually been thinking about bleaching them, and dying them coral. Nicole from Writes like a Girl and I are doing a clothing swap soon with items we have trouble styling. I'm really hoping she'll help me out with these pants!


  1. Cute outfit! And seriously? Someone put a mean comment on your blog about that? I swear, people are just so tightly wound these days. Relax, people, it's just a friendly blog! This community isn't about bashing or trashing other people. That's just cray-cray!


  2. Love the pants!!! You're super duper cute!!

  3. 1. i LOST IT in the middle of my office at the title of this post. when i was little, i always said pank and my parents never let me live it down. i had a pank barbie car, pank ginham overalls, and pank jellies. i'm a pank girl 4 lyfe.
    2. i've been really wanting some yeahlow pants, but couldn't commit, so i'm so excited to help style these! i actually have a coral pair that i have a surprisingly difficult time styling, so let's just tradesies and see what happens. (i promise to send pics soon!
    4. dat bag. i need it.

    xo nicole

  4. I love my yellow pants, but you are right, there are only so many things :)

  5. You are just too sweet for anyone to think your were trying to offend someone! Seriously! Is this their first time reading your blog?? Anyway, I love the yellow pants! I'm in a terrible 'colored jean' rut myself to be able to help you figure out how to style them. Hey, if you figure it out, let me know! Cute as ever, chick! :)

    High Heels and Training Wheels

  6. Oh laawwd, I knew someone was going to say something about that.. People take life a teenie bit too seriously sometimes.

    Anyway! I've never been a yellow person, but you look real adorable in dem jeans gurrrrl. AND I love that bag, love love.


  7. I thought someone might say something about your use of retarded, but like some other people said, after following you for a while, we know you didn't mean it to be rude. But in blog world (well, in real life too I guess) you really have to be careful about that kind of thing, you never know who will find your writing.

    On a lighter note, you look super cute as always! But I've been running out of ways to style some of my colored jeans too...what a huge dilemma! Maybe Spring will bring us some more inspiration!


  8. I totally understand where you're coming from with the word retarded, because I used to use it every day and never think about it! And then I had a close friend admit that her cousin and best friend since childhood had down syndrome and hearing that word really made her upset. That's when I started to pay attention to it... There's a campaign now called Spread the Word to the End the Word that's basically trying to get people to think like my friend made me think. While it's definitely become widely used (like I said, I used to use it too!), it's become a big part of the every day vocabulary of lots of people, the campaign is trying to change that! I just thought I'd put in my emotional connection to not using the word instead of just being mean about it like other people might have been (and sounds like they were)! Here's the link to the campaign if you're at all interested: r-word.org

  9. I am obsessed with those yellow pants! SO cute! Don't dye them!


  10. people are so RETARTED :) its your blog you can post what you want you dont owe an apology to anyone. love your blog !! :)

  11. Hey lovely lady! I wanted to let you know I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! I hope you hop over to my blog today to get the details and take part!