July 31, 2015

july closet additions

Old Navy Swing Dresses: 50% off of $27 = $13.50 each 
I'm normally not one to buy the same item in different colors, but this dress is an awesome exception. The material is SO soft and comfy. Plus, these dresses will work while pregnant and after! A win-win in my book.

Mossimo Striped Blazer: Poshmark $10 + $4 shipping = $14
I've been looking to add some comfy ponte knit blazers to my wardrobe. I think that having some fun outer layers to pair with simple maternity tee's will be good for making my closet go further during my pregnancy. It's so hot now though that I may not get any wear out of this for a few months.

I will admit, I don't love these. I bought them to make due for now until I find a really good pair of black maternity pants for work. I would much rather full panel pants, but I'm learning that it's hard to find exactly what you want when it comes to maternity wear. #thestruggleisreal

{not pictured} "&" Tee: Old Navy on sale for $5
I debated even including this in my budget because right now it's just being worn as a sleep shirt. I bought it big so that it'll fit later on though.

Total spent $71 - clothes sold $12 = $59

Total Spent this year: $309.50


  1. So true--maternity options are so limited that it's hard to find what you want! Great idea to get a few swing dresses that will be wearable for the "fourth trimester" too!

  2. These are some great closet additions! I'm loving all the stripes. Have you had much luck at Goodwill for maternity stuff? I know you've found some adorable baby clothes!

  3. Those dresses look so comfortable - I hope they'll work for you throughout the majority of your pregnancy...and afterwards, too!