July 1, 2015

navy floral blouse + gray pants
Blouse: Marshall's $20
Pants: Marshall's $25
Sandals: Rack Room Shoes $25
Total Outfit Cost: $70

Pretty simple outfit today and not too much to say about it! I love this blouse, but I don't feel like there's too much else I could do with it. I wore it with white jeans and wedges on Easter Sunday. Any other ideas for this blouse though? 

Nicole said it a few weeks ago that she's been dealing with a closet crisis, and I have to say that I've been going through the same thing the past few months. I don't really feel inspired by anything I've bought lately and nothing in my closet really feels "me" anymore. It doesn't help now that I'm pregnant either because now I have the challenge of finding things that are "me" and will fit this growing body. And another crisis I've been facing? A hair crisis!! I miss my long hair! I just don't know what to do with this short hair anymore. :(

Ok, ok. Enough with the complaining Danielle! Hope you're all having a great week!


  1. Do you have a cardigan or blazer in one of the colors on the blouse? I think it would look very pretty under a cardigan or blazer, or tucked into a skirt!

  2. What about just ankle jeans or jean shorts?

  3. Love that top! I would dress it down with dark jeans or pair with it with a dark-colored skirt.

  4. I had a closet crisis and then ended up spending a bunch of money on some new stuff, but I'm honestly happy with those pieces and I know how far they can go. Plus they breathe some new life into the older stuff. Maybe a few new pieces would do the trick?

  5. That blouse is GORGEOUS lady! The colors and shape is adorable. What about white shorts? Tucked into a skirt? Belted at the waist and worn with a solid maxi skirt? Blue or pink pants? SO many options!