October 5, 2012

Friday's Finds!

Today I went run errands with my mom, and we justttt so happened to pass a few garage sales. Of course we had to stop! I work every Saturday 7 to 7, so I don't really get to garage sale often. So, I was pretty excited to see a few on a Friday. As much as I love the Goodwill, garage sales are really the place for a bargain. Check out what we got:

Oh and the basket in the first picture was $0.25.

We also went to Walmart, and there was some swimwear on clearance for a DOLLAR! Yepp, just ONE! All they had was a top in my size, but I definitely got it. Who would pass up a bikini top for just a dollar? Plus, I already have some colorful bottoms that would go perfect with it. :)

Bargain Shopping Tip!
Now is really the time to be shopping for your next years summer wardrobe! Many stores are wanting to make room for all of their fall/winter wear, so they put the summer clothes/shoes/jewelry on sale. So, next time you walk into a store, go straight for that clearance rack and steal up those deals before someone else does! ;)


  1. I love those vintage purses! Especially the hot pink one. Great finds!

  2. Great tip! If I like something I buy it not matter what season it is!

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