June 11, 2013

got a secret can you keep it?

Blouse: Goodwill $3.49 | Max Studio Pants: TJ Maxx $30 | BCBG Flats: Marshall's $25 (clearance)
Total Outfit Cost: $58.49

I have nothing better to say today other than PRETTY LITTLE LIARS COMES BACK ON TONIGHT. 

That is all.

Oh and sorry for the crappy lighting.. I was too lazy to wait to take pictures when the sun went down. 


  1. Yes! It was such an awesome start to the season! Mona is officially a liar, her own doll and all ! Excited.

  2. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH it was such a good episode. the fake out with ezra totally had me fooled. i have such mixed feelings about mona, but i LOVED her outfit in the scene where she went shopping with hanna. what...everyone in that show makes me want to shop!

    ahhhh i can't wait to hear what you thought! i'm glad other bloggers are major pll fans too!

    xo nicole

  3. LOVE the top...and the shoes! I never did start Pretty Little Liars but I have a feeling it's going to hook me when I do!

    High Heels and Training Wheels

  4. Beautiful blouse and I love the shoes too.

  5. PLL is one of my dirty little secrets. Love the shoes!

  6. I LOVE THAT SHOW & I LOVE THIS CHIC OUTFIT ON YOU. The Flats are Adorable & I love those Shoes.

    I Would love for you to be a part of my Series "Meet and Greet" Danielle so please contact me via the comments.

  7. I love this! Is there a tag in the blouse, I would love to know the brand.

  8. Recently discovered your blog & love it! Thank you for all the outfit inspiration. I try to be a frugslista and go thrift store shopping/bargain hunting but the thrift stores near me are not so good (down under, Brisbabe, a Australia). I've only found one or two good items. I'll keep on searching for good thrift stores. Thanks for the thrifting tips :)