August 20, 2013

happiness is...

IMG_7912 IMG_7907
Shirt: American Eagle $6 (clearance) | Maxx Studio Pants: TJ Maxx $30 | BCBG Flats: Marshall's $25 (clearance) 
Total Outfit Cost: $61

Yesterday Nicole inspired me to write down a list each day of the things that made me happy.

Today happiness is...
-exactly one month of a happy marriage
-a customer who told me that I have been so helpful throughout her claim process
-an amazing workout provided by my personal trainer/hubby
-saying hubby ;)
-tuesday= my two favorite shows! pretty little liArs & so you think you can dance!

Also, I entered the's Expert Shopper Contest with my coral blazer outfit from yesterday. Help me win by loving my look here! By the way, you can vote each day too. So if you vote, I'll add you to be happiness is list ;) 


  1. yay! happiness is THOSE SHOES!
    okay, so there's this amazing app called Happiness that gives you a place to write three things every day that made you happy. you can include a photo and you can categorize them all so that you can look back on all of your happiest moments! i honestly downloaded it when i was feeling a lot of secondary trauma from my work, which it sounds like you might be experiencing a little bit of too. the work we do is difficult, but important, so we have to take care of ourselves!

    xoxo nicole

  2. I love this top! I can't believe you got it for only $6 new!

  3. cute outfit! :) -Alexandra

  4. Love it!! And you can bet I voted! :)

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  5. THose are such cute shoes!! I'm loving the soft pink, pointed toes, and little bows!

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