November 20, 2014

blazer week link up | black blazer

blue letote tank
black and blue outfit
Gap Blazer: Goodwill $5
Blouse: Le Tote 
Pants: The Limited (50% off + $20 off coupon) $20
Boots: JC Penney $45
Total Outfit Cost: $70

This isn't the outfit I originally planned out for this blazer. The outfit I planned was my gray fit and flare dress from Traget, a teal scarf, black leggings, and black booties, but when I put the outfit on I just wasn't feeling it. Then, I went outside and took pictures of the outfit and it was even worse than what I thought. I ended up wearing something completely different (you'll see that outfit next week). Then when I got home from work, I knew that I needed a blazer post for today so I decided to give this blazer another try. I already had on these pants, I saw my boots on the floor so I thew those on, then I saw this blouse hanging in my "to wear" part of my closet and wah-lah! I have an outfit! So for once, you are seeing an outfit in real time because this is what I'm wearing today. :)


  1. Love this blazer, and what a great find!

  2. Love this look and that it's in "real time" haha


  3. LOL - I like it! Sometimes those randomly thrown together outfits are the best ones!

  4. ooo what a nail biter! Now I really want to see what the other outfit is. But that le Tote top is super cute! Are you keeping any of your Le Tote stuff or just trying it all out?

  5. Wow! For something you just threw on, this outfit turned out amazing! You should wear that for real one day when you're feeling stuck!

  6. Having a "to wear" section in your closet is genius, I think once I get a bit more organized I'll give that a try :) you have gotten some seriously gorg tops from Le Tote! I love this one!!

    ♥ perfectly Priya