March 18, 2015

expert tips from seasoned thrifters

The struggle is real when it comes to thrifting. It's really not as easy as "walk into thrift store, find amazing things." It really does take skill! Today I have teamed up with some fabulous other bloggers to share some of our best thrifting tips. 

Read on to meet each thrifter, see an outfit from her own closet styled with almost entirely thrifted pieces, and one of her secrets to thrifting success. Stop on over to each of their blogs to find even more of their secrets that land them unbelievable style finds for a fraction of the price and ten-fold the fun. 

Thrifting Tip: "I have found that either thrifting online or determining which local thrift store has the best clothing can save you lots of time when thrifting. I am a busy person and although I like saving money, I don't have extra time to visit several stores. Finding the one store near me that yields great finds again and again has really helped me with saving time and money!"

Hear more from Laura on her blog, I Do deClaire, and on social media, where she shares loads of daily outfit points full of great style ideas, many in secondhand pieces.
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Thrifting Tip: "Travel! I love checking out the local thrift stores when I go out of town somewhere! It gives you a whole new set of goodies to look through if you've been going to the thrift stores in your area so much that you see the same things you saw before. Also, take note of the areas you're thrifting in. If you visit a thrift store in a wealthier part of town, you are likely to find more name brand/nicer things. When I was in college, I'd find a lot of junior's clothes at our local Goodwill which is not surprising since it was a college town!"

You can find a more of my thrifting tips here.

Danielle showcases endless secondhand looks on her blog, Goodwillista. Be sure to stop by and say hello on social media
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Thrifting Tip: "I have several (check them out here and here) but the one thrift tip I'm adamant about is to be patient. To be a successful thrifter, you need time and patience. You will find that item but you may have to look a bit longer or go to another thrift store. Don't give up...your thrifted treasure is out there!"

Whitney shares all about her thrifting adventures, so stop on over and drop her a note on social media too.
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Thrifting Tip: "Try to ignore the size tags. Different brands and vintage items fit differently. If you like something (even if you aren't sure it will fit), try it on! It may look much better on you than on the hanger. You never know when you'll find your next wardrobe staple!"

Check out more of Lauren's style and thrifting tips on her blog, Exploring My Style, and on social media as well.
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Thrifting Tip: "You can find a collection of tips in my Secondhand Style Guide. One of my favorites, however, reflects the time required to find the right piece. I suppose it has two parts. First, plan plenty of time for a trip to the thrift shop, an hour or more. If you head over and feel rushed, you'll most certainly end up overwhelmed and frustrated. Second, when you arrive, start examining the racks by quickly flipping through and focusing on the material of the fabric. High end, well-cared for items will stand out quickly. This trick has saved me mountains of time examining pieces that don't meet my quality criteria."

Jen is a life and style blogger with a focus on style for working women. She shares all sorts of affordable and socially conscious style ideas for a day at the office. You can find her on her blog, Fashionably Employed, and on social media as well.
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Now we have a challenge for y'all. Put these tips to good use, and come back next Thursday to link up your thrifted outfits!!


  1. What a fantastic post from great bloggers whom I all follow. Thanks for putting this together. I adore Laura and Lauren's styles and thrift finds. These tips definitely helped
    me as a new thrifter.

  2. Thanks for introducing me to a few new thrifting bloggers!

  3. I'm so glad we got to collaborate on this! i wish we lived closer so we could go thrift shopping together and you could take me to all these amazing garage sales!

  4. Whitney and Lauren's tips at 100% things I had to learn. Vintage sizing and multiple trips with nothing left me so disappointed with thrifting, but I gradually found my groove. While I don't have the time for it anymore, it's my favorite hobby.

  5. What a fun idea for a post, great tips all around!

  6. Neat idea for a post! Loved getting the tips from all you experts. I'm gonna really try to link up with you guys! I do have a few thrifted gems, though I don't go all that often. I definitely love visiting thrift stores when I'm out of town as well. I'm so jealous of your perfect purple (my fave color) thrifted skirt!!

    btw- I started clicking around on your "you might also like" posts the other day, and spent waaaaay too long on your blog haha. I hadn't really read back from when you were in college before! I sure hope we get to meet someday. I would really love to visit New Orleans/Baton Rouge if you are close to those!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  7. This is a great post! I love your tip, thrifting when I travel is such a blast! I should probably look into online thrifting. :) XO -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things