April 29, 2014

twofer tuesday

Shirt: Handmedown from Mom
Old Navy Pants: Instagram Shop $12
Charlotte Russe: Goodwill $3.49
Necklace: Garage Sale $1
Belt: Forever 21 $5
Total Outfit Cost: $21.49

(yay for the crazy gushing wind- it does not make pictures easy!)
Blouse: handmedown from Mom
J. Crew Skirt: Instagram Shop $12
Cardi: Target (clearance) $7
Wedges: JustFab $40 (it was a accident)
Necklace: ebay $9 
Bracelet: gifted
Total Outfit Cost: $68
I'm getting really behind on posts again, so I figured I'd give y'all a two for one special today. No, not margaritas y'all, outfits. Two outfits! Though I'd much rather two margaritas right now...
You guyz, I know I've mentioned the whole instagram shopping thing like 10 times already on the blog, but it is so addicting!! I got these pants and the skirt from the same shop, and now that I know that obvisously this seller is the same size as me, it'll be easy to buy from her again! What's cool about instashopping is you can ask as many questions about the items as you want, get measurements, and see the items on. I tried ordering from Thredup once and ended up with a dress the length of a shirt. That wouldn't happen with instashopping! Another plus to it is if you order something and it doesn't fit you can always just resell it!


  1. THAT J.CREW SKIRT!!!!!!!!!! i cannot even handle myself. i have also gotten addicted to instagram shopping, but i'm between sizes right now so it's tough. is that a cardigan or blazer? the fabric looks amazing. you just look so darn cute.

    i love how you say those shoes were an accident. it looks like they are going to be worth it!

    xo nicole

  2. Two posts in a day?? Yay!! I'm all for twofer Tuesdays :)

    What great luck you had with those bottoms! That skirt is just adorable and seems to fit you perfectly. Oh, and I'd love to hear how those wedges were an accident ;)

  3. Love both looks, Danielle! The buttons on the side of the first top are such a fun little surprise too! And I really need to get into the instagram world, I'm clearly missing out!!


  4. Pretty in blue dear.. ♥♥♥


  5. Ok Instagram shopping is totally new to me, but the cuteness of that skirt has convinced me that I need to know more. Any suggestions for Instagram accounts to follow and how do you find them? Thanks so much!


  6. You've been making out pretty great with the instagram shopping! I love the color combination in the second outfit!

  7. I love both of your outfits! Obviously I need to get into instagram shopping now!

  8. I've also become obsessed with Instashopping, as well as Poshmark. So many good deals to be had!
    I love those brown wedges!

  9. I am definitely impressed with how well the pants/skirt fit! Pants are hard to shop for in person, let alone online! If I were trying to shop, I would definitely try out instashopping :) both looks are totally darling!!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  10. I want those pants. And that cardigan. I think the color of the cardigan is one of my top five favorite colors. You're such a rockstar :)

  11. This blue is so great on you! Plus it's a bright without being too too bright... must. find. something in this color! :) -Alexandra

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