September 2, 2015

22 weeks


How far along? 22 weeks + 2 days

Baby is the size of an: Eggplant.

Total weight gain: I'm thinking about 8-9 lbs possibly.

Sleep: Some nights better than other. Still only waking up to pee once a night. Oh please let it stay that way!

Movement? Well baby girl learned a new trick this week- she enjoys practicing her tap dancing on mommy's bladder. The other night she kicked it so hard that I literally almost peed on myself in bed! Daddy still isn't able to feel her from the outside yet. Hopefully soon though!

Cravings: None. But I sure do love ice cream! Ok, I admit it.. I've always loved ice cream. 

Miss anything? Caffeine! They say 1 cup per day is fine. I usually drink 1 cup of half-caf coffee in the morning but there are some days where I could use regular coffee all day at work!!

Symptoms: Lower back pain started a few weeks ago. Some days it's worse than others. I'm still feeling great though! I have so much energy. I swear the second trimester gives you wings!

Nursery: Well, this weekend I realized that we only have 4 months until our sweet baby girl is here and yet so so much to do. While I'm anxious to meet her, I just have a lot to get done before she's here! Sunday I started cleaning out her closet. Up until now it's just been used as a junk extra closet. Poor Larry has a lot of stuff to move up to the attic now- oops!

Best Moment This Week: Just constantly being reminded by her little kicks of the blessing that God placed inside of me and she was made just for us. I can't wait to meet her and hold her in my arms. I can't wait to kiss her and cuddle her all the time. 


  1. I didn't start feeling kicks until around week 23 and it was the best!! I just loved having that constant reminder that baby was growing and active! So so so excited for you!

  2. Made me all teary eyed reading that last bit about holding her in your arms. I will never forget the moment they pulled Vincenza out in the operating room. While Jeff held my hand, we both broke down sobbing. I had to will myself to stop just a little bit so that I could see her clearly. I sputtered, "She's so beautiful. I can't believe how much I love her." It literally felt like a wave of pure, intense love washed over me. Oh geez, just made myself tear up again. One thing I didn't feel prepared for was the postpartum hormones. So much more intense than any of my pregnancy hormones.

    Also, seeing an acupuncturist, a chiropractor, and a prenatal-certified massage therapist helped me with my back pain, which I really needed come the third trimester. If you ended up needing it, ask your OB if they have any recommendations.

  3. I guess those second trimester wings so you can fulfill all your nesting urges! I think pregnancy should be the one time you can eat whatever you're wanting--you're eating for two after all!

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