September 30, 2015

september closet additions

Floral Blouse: Poshmark $6 + $2.50 shipping* = $8.50

Old Navy Flats: on sale org. $23 -20% off = $16
I was long overdue for some new black flats, and these are perfect! Most Old Navy flats aren't comfortable, but these actually have a good cushion to them, They also come in blue and I've been really tempted to get them too.

Fur Vest: Poshmark $15 + $2.50 shipping* = $17.50
I already have fur vest, but it's a little more cropped and I've been wanting one that's longer. This one was such a great price so I couldn't pass it up.

Liz Lange Tee: Target clearance $6

Mossimo Skirt: Target org. $20 - 50% off coupon on cartwheel app = $10
Good during and after pregnancy, had to have it!

Motherhood Maternity Shirt: local consignment event $5

Liz Lange Dress: Target $25 gift carded $0

Old Navy Full Panel Jeans: org. $35 - 20% off = $28

Old Navy White Jeans: clearance $10
I already purchased a pair of white maternity jeans, but they were low panel. About a month or so ago, baby girl decided she didn't like low panel anymore. She kicked all day and I think it was because the panel was so tight and constricting. Not comfortable anymore. I'm probably going to sell those.

Forever 21 Trapeze Dress (also bought in tan): $15 each = $30
I'm normally not one to buy the same thing in multiple colors, but this dress was an exception. It's SO comfortable. It's great because it'll work with my growing belly and afterwards. It needs to get cool outside so I can wear this with leggings and boots already!

Total Spent: $131 - Total sold on Poshmark $95 = $36


  1. Can you please share you Poshmark secrets?? $95 is incredible!! I've only sold once on the site. eBay is much better but still super slow. Such cute items added this month! That trapeze dress looks so comfy! Also loving that pink floral top! Can you wear it while pregnant? It looks loose enough!

  2. this is SO AWESOME!!! i wish i could do this.

    and btw, love the blog! it's perfect! if you get the chance to check out mine and let me know what you think, i'd appreciate it so much! i'm trying to make it as good as it can be! :)
    have a great week!
    love, rach.

  3. I second that. I want to sell on Postmark but I get nervous about doing all the work of getting them up there and then not selling anything!

  4. I want to know your Poshmark secrets too (and see your link!) I have some stuff I would LIKE to sell, but I'm worried it won't be worth it/won't sell.

    That fur vest is awesome! I love the color. I still don't have one :( great find!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

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