September 17, 2013

comfort + casual

Dress: Target $9 | Cardigan: Garage Sale $1 | Flip Flops: Sears $10
Total Outfit Cost: $19
Our dress code at work is business casual, but everyone is more casual than business. Pretty much we just can't wear blue jeans (except on Fridays) or flip flops that look like you'd wear to the beach...  yeah our dress code actually says that! Haha. This outfit is comfy and casual, but still work appropriate. This outfit was the perfect Monday outfit. 
So staring at a computer screen all. day. long. is finally getting to me. By 3:30 at work, my eyes are killing me, my contacts are blurry, and I've got a headache. I can't wait till my new glasses come in. Maybe my eyes won't feel as bad by the end of the day. Anyone else had this problem before? How long did it take for your eyes to get used to staring at a computer screen for 8 hours a day?


  1. That cardigan is soooo cute! Still can't believe you got it for just a dollar!


  2. I love that you make thrifting look great! :)

    Lauren from Modern Modesty

  3. I absolutely adore the purple and animal print together! You look so cute!

  4. Great business casual look! It took awhile for my eyes to get used to a screen all day but it helps to (if you can) take breaks every couple hours to do other work that isn't at the screen just so you can make it through the day, and actually take a real lunch break away from the screen, so your contacts aren't waging war against your eyes!


  5. love that cardigan! why would anyone give it up?! and for &1???

  6. Perfect Monday outfit! I wish my work was business casual! I guess I just wish I didn't wear a work shirt so I could have the option to wear my own tops, cute sweaters, and dresses!

    This outfit is really cute! That purple dress is so pretty :)

    Exploring My Style

  7. My office's dress code is really similar! Every once in a while I'll have an event that I need to wear a suit to, but most of the time it's super casual. Our dress code says "no flip-flops... or thongs." Not sure why they had to include that last part :)

    Love the purple with the animal print - such a good combination!

  8. having to look at a computer screen all day is something i've struggled with for a long time. when i first started a job like that, i was having horrible headaches, so i went to the eye doctor. turns out i have extra-large pupils, so more light gets in my eyes than normal eyes. it really helps me to have the lights lower, if possible. when i had my own desk, i used lamps instead of the overhead light. at my job now, i don't have that option and it's really hard for me. my eyes and head hurt and my neck get super sore. some of the advice i've been given is to make sure the screen is pushed back on your desk, try to spend time away from work not looking at screens, and make sure to walk around your office as often as possible. sometimes i'll rub my hands together until they're warm and then hold them over my closed eyes to help them feel better. i don't know if that's a real thing, but it helps me!

    ahhh long ass comment. my b!
    xo nicole

  9. See if you can dim the brightness of your screen, too. It's pretty easy to do on most PCs. I have to use a Mac and external monitor at work, so I found a free program called Shady, It lets me get through the day without coming down with a horrible headache everyday by mid-afternoon.

  10. You could be like me and have to wear "computer glasses" on top of your contacts. I know my contacts get really crazy dry and scratchy if I choose to be stubborn and not wear my glasses... terrible idea! I hope your glasses help! (And, I'm sure you do...but refreshing eyedrops in a desk drawer go a long way!)

    Cool outfit. And I'm like you- totally casual office, this gives me a bit of inspiration!

    Understated Classics

  11. My mom has been staring at a computer screen at her job for about thirty years haha!! She said when she started her eyes would hurt and she'd get headaches. I think her eyes got used to it, but she does switch from her contacts and she wears glasses a couple times a week. I love your cardigan and it look great with the purple dress!! You look classy :)