September 26, 2013


IMG_8156 IMG_8157
Shirt: Goodwill $3.49
Skirt: Forever 21 $5
Charlotte Russe Heels: Goodwill $3.49
Total Outfit Cost: $11.98

I'm sad that you can't see the pretty print on this skirt in these pictures!  You can see it a little better here. I love the simplicity of this outfit. I know some of you may be thinking, a printed skirt and a tied blouse? That's simple? But for me, I'm not wearing a statement necklace or bracelets, and I just stuck with some nude flats. That's simplicity to me!

I really don't have much to say on the blog this week. My work has been pretty draining this week, and so all I'm looking forward to is the much needed weekend!


  1. this is simply perfect :) u look radiant!

    XO Meghan
    citrus fashion

  2. Love that skirt! It may be hard to see in the pictures, but it definitely makes the outfit. Sometimes you just have to let the clothes do the talking, minus the accessories :) I would have never thought of putting a chambray top with a pencil skirt, but it looks super cute!


  3. Casual and lady-like all the same! You look great!

  4. So classy! Love this skirt and the chambray!

  5. When I worked in retail, I wore a very similar outfit once a week (chambray shirt, lace skirt). Hope you have an opportunity to relax this weekend :)

    1. (That's my way of saying you look great, and I adore the outfit on you!)