September 30, 2013

teal suede shoes

IMG_8178 IMG_8174
Dress: Urban Outfitters (clearance) $15
Blazer: Goodwill $3. 49 [similar]
Heels: TJ Maxx (clearance) $10
Total Outfit Cost: $28.49

I got this dress a  few years ago on super clearance at Urban Outfitters right after Christmas when they had their clearance items with an additional percentage off. I've gotten so much wear out of it, and It's one of those dresses that I don't think will ever go out of style! I've wore it so many different ways. I love how I can dress it up for work like I did here or I've worn it with sandals before, and I've even worn it to a wedding! It's just another one of those wear anywhere dresses!  Do you have any dresses that can be worn just about anywhere?


  1. Oh my word, I love those shoes! You're like Elvis in your Blue Suede shoes ;)
    Lauren from Modern Modesty

  2. gimme dem shoes! and staahp with the amazing hair days. how does your hair look so good pulled back?!

    xo nicole

  3. This outfit.. chica. I want every single part of it. First of all, I flipped about the shoes, seriously.. I need some. And then the dress is perfect, and like you said, is so so versatile. AND then you put a blazer over it and just kicked it up another notch.

    (not to mention your hair, like Nicole said, it looks amazing pulled back!)

  4. This whole outfit is amazing! But I still can't believe you found that blazer for less than $5!! I still haven't gotten lucky while thrifting, but I'm determined to find one this winter!


  5. What a great fall look, and a total steal on the outfit too.

  6. I just found your blog and I have to say I absolutely adore this outfit! That dress and those shoes are so cute! Awesome finds!

    XO Hannah

  7. I love that dress! I have a similar dress that I got for $3 at Ross that I have had for ages. I swear it works for any occasion and I love it! I'm afraid it's going to fall apart one of these days...

  8. Danielle, amazing as always. Those shoes. Seriously, the way you paired them with the small amount of blue along the hem of your dress... I can't tell if that was intentional or not but MAN do they look fantastic!

    Exploring My Style