March 1, 2014

casual saturday

T-shirt: Old Navy (clearance) $4
Jacket: Old Navy, gifted
Skirt: TJ Maxx $12
Shoes: gifted
Scarf: American Eagle (clearance) $6?
Total Outfit Cost: $22
Right now I'm on the Saturday shift at work, so I work Saturdays for 3 months. Most of my co-workers hate it, but I really don't mind it. Saturdays are super casual in my office. Yepp, even chucks are acceptable! I have worn flats, sandals, and booties with a maxi skirt before, but I would have never tought to pair sneaker with a maxi. I got my inspiration for this outfit from Maria at Not Fancy, Just Life. She linked up to many days, many ways with 4 ways to wear a mxi dress. My favorite of the 4 was of course her fall look, so I decided to recreate it myself! 
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  1. So cute with the chucks! I loved her fall look too, I can't wait for it to warm up a bit so I can break out my maxi dress! Thanks for linking up!

  2. I love how you styled your look! I love how comfortable it is but still looks polished :)

  3. That's a great idea to pair a maxi skirt with tennies! I need to get a pair of white chucks. They're the perfect casual tennie. Cute outfit!

  4. i love white converse with everything, maxi skirts included!

  5. i wore a super similar outfit today (that will be up on the blog soon!). i love the chucks with the maxi--i'm always wondering what shoes other people wear with maxis! i feel like so many shoes look weird, and especially since i'm so tall, i worry about the skirt being too short.

    hope you had a relaxing evening after work!

    xo nicole

  6. This looks great!! I've tried wearing my chucks with skirts and I feel like it does not look cute on me, but it looks SO cute on you! Love the pretty scarf too.

  7. I really like the tennis shoes with the maxi! Such a good idea. And I suppose a Saturday at work isn't too bad if you can wear sneakers!

  8. Sooooo adorable!! Love this look!
    Thanks for linking up with the Style Swap

  9. You look so casually-chic, totally girly too. I saw Fonda Style Swap this look too and I loved it on you. Great scarf & White Chucks. I need some White Sneakers. Of course I want to re-create this. Pinned!