March 11, 2014

our wedding, part V: the details

Wallace 97
Wallace 147
Wallace 45
Wallace 70
Wallace 72
Wallace 77
Vintage clutch (my something blue) thrifted for $10 at an antique shop

Wallace 39
Wallace 40
My mom & some family member's made the personalized hangers for my bridesmaids and I.

Wallace 42
Heels from David's Bridal
Wallace 35
Wallace 151
Wallace 152
unity candles
Wallace 153
lace bows on the end of the reserved seating at the ceremony made by my mom
Wallace 313
Wallace 314
Wallace 315
This whole groom's table ordeal was a total surprise for us! I picked out the cake, but the rest was Larry's parents' idea! And yes, that's a rhino at our wedding reception! Haha!

Wallace 316
Wallace 317
Wallace 318
All of the jars were thrifted and personalized by mom, sista, and I.

Wallace 320
I thrifted this old vintage box, then mom and sista helped me make it cute!
Wallace 324
All of the centerpiece decor was thrifted and then DIY'd by myself and family & friends.
Wallace 327
I made this wooden W from my old jewelry
Wallace 330
Wallace 329
Wallace 335
Wallace 336
Wallace 337
Wallace 338
Cold drinks were served in a pirogue! 
Wallace 50
I had nightmares about my flowers, but they turned out being one of my favorite details!

Wallace 389
The three doors were put together by my Pawpaw Mike.

Wallace 390
Wallace 394
Ring box made by me

Wallace 395

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  1. How amazingly Southern! I love all of your choices!

  2. what a gorgeous post! I love how many of the sweet details were made by you/a family member. I really love the idea of those hangers, I might have to add that to my wedding list. I have loved looking at all your wedding posts!!

    ♥ perfectly PRIYA

  3. I can't believe you made all those lovely decorations! That must have been a lot of hard work but so rewarding knowing you and your loved ones made all that while saving so much money. Great job Danielle! Everything looks so lovely!

  4. Ohhh so lovely. The flowers are especially beautiful and the W with the jewelry is so so gorgeous! :) -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  5. Wow you are so creative! This is truly a primitive/DIY/vintage wedding. You should create a book of ideas for other brides to be ;) Rachel of

  6. giiiiiirl! i LOVE the bejeweled W!
    (also, i love your new nav bar across the top. it's perfection now!)

    xo nicole

  7. Everything was perfect! I love the way it all turned out. And what a fun surprise of the groom's table--so cute!

  8. I'm completely obsessed with your flowers!! Almost makes me wish I had done a summer wedding so there would've been a tad more variety in ours!! Basically your wedding looks like Pinterest perfection.

  9. I love all the details for your wedding! Every thing looked fabulous - I love the choose a seat sign, ring box, and all the thrifted pieces.


  10. I have enjoyed all of your Wedding Posts because let's face it you were a Gorgeous Bride. I have never commented on that before but I loved your Gown, Shoes, Clutch & Pearl Bracelet. Your Husband did a great job choosing such a pretty Engagement Ring, too. All the details and decorations on your wedding is flawless. So thoughtful and beautiful and you should be very proud. I particularly love the W with all the brooches and pins and the Mason Jars.

    And I realized I wasn't following you via Bloglovin, just through GFC, Now I follow you through both. Please follow me on both, too. Much appreciated.

    Oh and BTW I am now all caught up with your blog. Hopefully you will appreciate my showering of comments and compliments and forget me for not stopping by in a couple of weeks. =)

    Have a Great Weekend, Ada.

    1. And *forgive me (not forget) I meant to say. LOL