March 5, 2014

pinspired style: aztec blanket cardigan in march

Cardigan Blanket: Gifted from my sista
Scarf: Gifted from my mother-in-law
Max Studio Pants: TJ Maxx's $30
Boots: $40
Belt: Goodwill $1
Gloves: no idea
Shirt: since you can't see it, does it matter? nahh
Total Outfit Cost: $71
So it decided to get cold again down here in Louisiana. This may be the first time in my life that I've worn gloves in March. It was actually in the 80's on Sunday, and then the cold front came through Monday and it was in the 40's. Then yesterday (when this outfit was worn) I woke up to some freezing rain! Craziness. 
In all other news (since I seem to talk about the weather way too much on here) my Charlie girl was dognapped from me.... by my own mother! Larry, Charlie, and I went to visit my family this weekend, and Monday Larry and I had a couple appointments to go to in the morning.  So we planned to have lunch with my mom, and she was going to bring us Charlie and them we could go right on home instead of back tracking to her house to get her. Well. She texts me saying she was going to keep Charlie for the week since. I told her NO! She texts back oh well because she left already to meet us.  Our house is so lonely without Charlie! I'm pretty sure I've told Larry about 352 times that I miss her... and it's only been 2 days (that's probably about how many times I tell Charlie I love her in 2 days..). Only 2 more days Danielle... you can do it. :(
Oh and I take 0 credit for this outfit. It is an exact replica of this pin. I love Pinterest for allowing me not to have to think in the morning.


  1. i would be so sad if my mom catnapped tess from me for a whole week! who would bother me while i was blogging? who would i nag to come curl up with me while i watched pll? who would lick my face to wake me up in the morning? now i'm so sad! i hope you get her back soon!

    you should consider remixing your blanket cardi for many days! then other people can copy your pins when they get ready in the morning. ;)

    xo nicole

  2. Love this outfit! I am not super big on the whole "Aztec" trend but seeing this black-and-white piece is making me reconsider ... super cute.

  3. I love this outfit! I never got into the aztec trend but you make it look good! :)

  4. Awesome re-creation of the pin! You're making me really want a sweater like that...
    Also, I totally hear ya on the crazy weather. I'm in Alabama, and we had the same thing: hot over the weekend, then super cold the past few days. I want spring!

  5. That cardi looks SUPER cozy! Just like wearing a blanket for the day. When it's belted it helps keep you from getting lost in it while keeping you warm with it wrapped tightly around you. Looks heavenly :)

  6. I really wonder sometimes how bloggers did it before Pinterest. I'm not offended that this is a copy- I think you look great! The gloves are a cute addition :) I know how quiet it can get without the pups around, so I hope you can hold on!

  7. I LOVE that sweater! I need one.

  8. Pinterest was created by God, I'm sure of it. haha My parents always joke about kitten-napping my little girl. I cannot imagine if they actually did!!! :(


  9. Guuurrrl I am loving this outfit! I just recently treated myself to an aztec cardi...and now I know how I'm going to pair it!! :) My heart sank when I read the line "my Charlie girl was dognapped"! I thought you'd lost your girl for real!! Glad she's just at grandmas! ;) And I know your weather sucks for you but I would trade in a heartbeat! haha We haven't had 80 degrees since September and we are currently covered in a blanket of snow with temperatures at 30 and below! Blah! Welp, I'm off to pin your look now! :)

    High Heels and Training Wheels

  10. Sometimes, I wonder how I got dressed before Pinterest.

    This outfit reminds me that I want to belt my aztec cardigan again. The last time I did, I was SO WARM. Right now, I am SO COLD. Solution found.

  11. Girl, you are not the only one wearing a Cozy, Thick, Aztec Cardigan with some Outterwear in March. I did it too. Check out the Outfit from this week. I even wore a Warm Wool Cap with mine. You are looking gorgeous, better than the pin. =)