March 14, 2014


Blazer: stole from my sista
Pants: Old Navy $26
Shirt: Old
Heels: Target (bogo) $22
Belt: Forever 21 $5
  Total Outfit Cost: 

I wore this outfit Tuesday to work.  For lunch, I walked across the street to my husband's office so we could spend our break together. Since I leave an hour after him for work, he doesn't see what I'm wearing. So when I walked up in this outfit, he told me I looked like a "diva." He said it was the skinny pants, heels, and tucked in shirt combo. Haha! Ohhhh men. Though I have to say, these leopard heels do indeed make me feel like a diva. Also, how fitting that these pants are called "The Diva" skinny pants!

Happy Friday, y'all! Tomorrow is my "Friday" so I am counting down to this much needed weekend. Work has been extra hectic and busy for me this week. 


  1. LOVE that blazer. I can never tell whether "diva" is an insult or compliment... or a backhanded compliment. Either way, I think you look great! Happy Friday :)

  2. This is so polished and adorable! I love it. I wish I worked that close to my husband!

  3. Love the blazer with those leopard heals. Skinny pants and heels have been my go-to recently - especially for casual Fridays at work!


  4. I wish I had a sister. However, I do have a mom with great taste in shoes that are also in my size, so I guess that'll have to suffice. These pants look awesome on you. I have not had good luck with any of Old Navy's that aren't Rockstars, so I'm a little jealous. Ho hum.

  5. I wouldn't say you look like a Diva at all! Even with the adorable leopard heels :) I actually saw the exact ones in a Goodwill earlier this month and freaked out with excitement until I saw they were like 3 sizes too big. Bummer.

    That is so cool you work so close to your husband! What a great way to spend your lunch break.

  6. Divalicious! Haha! I love this outfit! The pop of color and leopard makes the outfit!!! :) you look gorgeous as always!

  7. love the green jacket and leopard heels! killer look!

  8. adorable x10! Love the green and leopard!!

  9. I have some of those "diva" pants from old navy and I love them! Can't wait till it warms up here in Michigan so I can wear them with some cute flats or heels! I've only been wearing them with boots lately :)