March 4, 2014

which boots are made for walkin?

Ok y'all, I am crying out for all of your stylish boot expertise! I only own one pair of boots (I'm sure you know which ones I'm talking about, I wear them pretty much every day), all the rest are ankle boots and booties. This winter I have realized my need for a pair of black riding style boots.. and well a new pair of cognac boots since those are falling apart! I've been searching the internet for boots, and I think that I'm going to go ahead and just order some from ebay since I can get such a good, affordable price on them. Here is what I found, I'd LOVE to hear your opinions on which to choose!

boots 2
1. I'm leaning towards these in cognac. The black pair looks a little cheap to me, but I still love the slimness of the leg. ($35)

boots 1
2. These are possibly the exact same pair as #1, but I'm thinking maybe they aren't so bright cognac? Is it just the picture quality or am I crazy? ($35)

3. I love the top of these boots, but I think the foot part is a little bulky. Plus the price is a little steeper than the rest. ($52)

boots 6
4. I love these, but like the ones above, I worry that the toe is too rounded or bulky. ($30)

boots 7
5. Not sure if I love these in black (mainly because I worry the buckle may be bright gold), but the brown pair is gorgeous! I really don't NEED brown though! Boo. ($36)

boots 8
6. This pair and the last pair are overall my favorite boot shape. My only problem with these is that the zipper down the side looks sort of biker-ish. ($40)

boots gray
7. I don't think I'm really in the market for gray boots right now, but I am SWOONING over these. Maybe I should get gray instead of black? ($40)


  1. my favorites are number two! i like that they're not at shiny. if you're getting black, four are my favorites. i think you'll get more wear through more seasons out of the cognac ones though!

    xo nicole

  2. I reallllly like #6. The zipper is a little bikerish if it's just on its own, but I think if you're wearing something girly, it'd give it a really nice contrast and you could easily wear them with jeans too....Really as long as the rest of your outfit doesn't scream biker chick, I think you'll be okay haha!


  3. Number 5 is my fave black pair for sure but I too am swooning over those grey boots!

  4. I wound up buying gray boots and I have been really happy with them! They seem to go with everything and I love that they are just a little but different to stand out from the crowd.

  5. Number 6 are fantastic, the zipper doesn't look biker at all and I think you will like the cleaner lines compared so some of the other choices. The gray ones are cute too.

  6. Hmm I would choose #4 I think. I am always a sucker for riding boots :) -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  7. ARe any of these leather?? That's what is important to me!! Leather boots last forever.... I bought a pair of non leather boots this winter and they are already peeling in the front.....

    1. They're all so cheap I don't think any of them are real leather. I'm too cheap to pay for leather even if they'd last longer because my taste changes by the time my faux leather boots start to wear! My cognac faux leather boots are starting to peel in the front too :(

  8. Go with grey! They are gorgeous and I think they will easily work with most outfits. I actually prefer them because they aren't as intense looking as black.

  9. I have a pair of gray booties and tall gray boots. I might actually wear them more than my black boots. If not more, just as much as, which makes me a big gray boot advocate.

    As for the cognac ones, I like the first pair, especially because it looks like you have a better idea of what exactly you're getting...unless the seller of the second boots can get you a pic in better lighting.

    As for the black ones, I like #6 best (5 is a close second). If it had a lot of buckles accompanying the zipper, it might look too bikerish. As is, I think the zipper is a great detail. I have worn my bikerish booties with skirts, and I love the mixture of feminine and funky.

  10. I really, really like #6 and I don't think the zipper is a problem at all. I have a brown pair with a zipper down the side like these, and I really like the detail.

  11. I spent so long looking for black boots, and I finally caved on a pair from Payless because they were $23. I think the question is ultimately how you want to wear them; I wanted mine to be dressy enough to wear while I teach. If you are looking for something casual, I like 7, 6, and 1. Good luck!

  12. Like Kate, 1, 6 & 7 are my faves. Then you will have a Cognac pair, a Black pair (love those the most) and a Gray Pair.