March 24, 2014

dressing room diaries: plato's closet & goodwill

Up until a couple weeks ago, I totally forgot that there's a Plato's Closet in my city. I went and decided to take a look around, not really expecting to find much. The Plato's where I used to live was super expensive for a place selling used clothes, so I didn't visit there much. I was really surprised to find that this new Plato's has awesome prices. It's definitely going to be one of my go-to places to shop now. I also want to say that I like how even if something is brand new with tags, they don't up the price on you like at Goodwill (read about my experience with that here). All of their prices are fair! Take a look at what I tried on at my 2 trips there this month...

Gap Wide Leg Trousers: $12
These pants seriously fit me so perfect, and I loveeee them. I've never had a pair of pants from Gap before (obviously because I am far too cheap), but man I have been missing out! I still wouldn't but a pair of Gap pants full price, but now I know that it would be worth catching some on clearance.

Old Navy Blouses: $5 each
These shirts are so perfect for work! I'm usually not one to buy the same things in multiple colors, but these are so versatile and for only 5 bucks, I wasn't passing them up.

Striped Shirt: I don't remember the brand or price
Unfortunately this was too big which is sad because it would have been "the perfect striped shirt." The hunt for one remains...

Next trip...

Floral Dress #1: $12
I have a few things I'll need dresses for this coming summer, so I wanted to get a jump start on trying on some. This one is really pretty, I don't remember my excuse for not getting it.

Coral Skater Dress: $12
This dress was SO comfy and I adore the color. I didn't end up getting it because I thought it was a tiny bit too short. Now if it was like $5? It would totally have been mine.

Floral Dress #2: $10
Another skater dress, still a little too short. I'm so married. I probably would have gotten these short dresses before I was hahah.

Merona Dress: $6
Now that's my kinda price for a dress. This one came home with me. I thought I might wear it with my blue jean jacket to go somewhere for my sister's 18th birthday next month. I may not end up wearing it for that, but heck it was 6 bucks, I'll find use out of it for sure.

Gap Jeans: $12
Since I had luck with pants in my previous trip, I thought I'd have a another look at the pants section. Well whatdoyaknow, there they were, ANOTHER pair of Gap pants right there in.. my.. size! I needed a new pair of dark jeans too, win!

Here is my one quick trip to the Goodwill. I'm trying not to go there much because they overprice too much, and it just makes me angry.
(also, please note that this Goodwill has the ugliest, grossest dressing rooms ever)

Brown Shorts: $3.49
These actually don't look bad in the picture, but in person they were just a litttttle too long. I do try to stick with shorts that aren't daisy duke short because I have a big butt, so short shorts look absolutely ridic on me. I might as well just leave the house in underwear.

Pink Forever 21 Shorts: $3.49
It was love at first sight. They even look pretty good with this outfit!

Gray Pencil Skirt: $3.99
Right before I tried on this skirt, I saw that the zipper was broken. No worries, I didn't love this anyways.

NWT (new with tags) Striped Skirt from Marshall's: $3.99
This was a no all around. The material was awful and unforgiving for us girls with any sort of curves, and it was just too long.


  1. These are my favorite posts! I love seeing all the goodies you find on your shopping adventures.

  2. Nice series. I like the Pink Shorts, both pants from Gap and your shirts from Old Navy. It's good you purchased them both because they are classic, versatile pieces.

    Have a Great Week, Ada. =)

  3. Gap jeans are my fav and almost every pair I own is from Plato's!! I love it cause a lot of the time I find them with the tag still on for $12!! Great finds

  4. Wow, you got a lot of great stuff at Plato's Closet! I've heard such great things about this store but there isn't one even remotely close to wear I live.

  5. Wow looks like a lot of great finds! Trying everything on is a must. Plato's Closet usually has very few good finds around here. Their standards for taking things in are so high, but then nothing good is ever there. That makes no sense. But those GAP jeans! Shut up. haha


  6. Love these sweet dresses! Our Goodwill also has the grossest dressing rooms ever. Luckily they rarely mark things up for being a nice brand or new. I've been having lots of luck. One of my pet peeves is that our Salvation Army prices their mirrors like super high. For no good reason. I've been looking for a cute antique-y type on for my bedroom vanity. But even the most boring and modestly sized one is $30. Not a deal. :( -XO Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  7. On Black Friday Gap usually has 50% off the entire store. Last year I ended up buying two pairs of work trousers for under $25 each, which is more than you paid but you have the guarantee of more options and sizes.

  8. gap pants are the BEST. it's where all of my pants are from pretty much. they are so worth it, and gap has lots of sales! both of the pairs you got look awesome. so jealous that you now have *two* wide legged pairs of pants that fit you perfectly!

    xo nicole

  9. I LOVE Plato's. It is my go to place for thrifting! I'm glad you're having luck there, too.

  10. When did you get the gorgeous MK bag?? Any chance you thrifted that beauty? Haha I've been loving the style of his bags but want one made of a smoother leather. I'm currently looking for my investment bag.

    I love that show the items that didn't work also! It's fun to see what pieces you try on. I only tried Gap jeans once and they didn't fit right. I have been looking for wide leg jeans so I'll have to give Gap another try. I bet those will look amazing with some heels!

  11. Yay for so many fun finds! I recently found brand new Sperry's for $23 at Plato's. Score!

  12. hey girl! you really lucked out on the Gap jeans! I'm wearing my wide-legged pair today, actually. I love the pink Merona dress you found! also loooove the pink shorts, I'm hoping to find some tailored shorts this season! nice work!!

    ♥ perfectly Priya