March 10, 2014

that's so 70's

IMG_9309, bell bottom pants, 70's stlye
Old Navy Blouse: Plato's Closet $5
Fur Vest: $20
Gap Pants: Plato's Closet $12
Necklace: Forever 21 $9
Bracelet: Forever 21, old
Total Outfit Cost: $46

Last summer I told y'all how I was a skinny pants kinda girl. Not that I really even had to tell you! If you've followed along for any amount of time, you have never seen me in pants that weren't skinny.  Well, I think these pants have changed me! First I have to say that I would have never even picked these pants up at Plato's if it weren't for seeing how adorable Danielle (a little bit of wo we) looked in wide leg pants. These pants are SO comfy and fit absolutely perfect (other than the fact that they need to be hemmed like a cm shorter), and I just can't get over how awesome they look. I have a lot of outfit ideas for them already, so expect to be seeing these often!

Ever since I saw Rachel Sayumi wear this outfit, I knew I had to copy it one day! After buying these pants I searched wide leg pants on Pinterest and found this pin. Then wah-lah! I put those two outfits together to make my own outfit! I know a lot of my outfits lately have been either copy cats from other bloggers or from Pinterest. I'm not sure if it's my laziness, lack of creativity, or if I'm just really inspired by other's lately. Hopefully once spring rolls around my creativeness will come back to me, and I'll be posting my original outfit ideas again!

Oh & by the way, I'm hosting another round of the many days, many ways linkup on March 19th!


  1. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh you look AMAZING! i literally yelped in my office and everyone was like wtf. those pants are incredible, and they fit you so well. i love the super 70s look--very American Hustle. i can't wait to see how you style them next! i would love to see them with your red gingham and summery wedges.

    you look amazing. i can't even stand it. you go girl.

    xo nicole

  2. I love this outfit! So cute!! I'm looking forward to another Many Days, Many Ways! I'm going to have to start thinking up ideas :)

  3. That necklace is beautiful! It looks thrifted not like its from Forever21!

  4. I loooove these pants on you. seriously. so much. I want them.

    Also, random question: is your Pinterest page German(?) themed? Because when I click on the link under your profile picture near the top right corner of your main page, it goes to a page that doesn't seem to be you?

  5. This is fabulous! I am not usually one for things with a '70's vibe (for whatever reason..) but this is AMAZING! :) The whole thing looks great! It makes me want to look into more '70's type items when I am out and about. I am getting into those tweed uptown granny type jackets right now. There is a new one up on the blog... Anyhow, leaving FRIDAY for NOLA! :) PSYCHED! :) -XO Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  6. I love this! Platos closet is an awesome store, only it takes me forever to find one outfit in there. Do you have a Goodwill outlet where you are at? I do 10 mins. From me so my post is on my recent shoes find for a steal. Http:// Rachel xo

  7. I love these pants with the vest! Definitely a 70s vibe, but in a more modern way. So cute!

  8. awww! So glad I inspired you! love your look missy! I wish I could rock pants like that! xx

  9. Dang! These pants are amazing!! Love how you combined the two inspiration looks.

  10. Your pants kick my pants' butt. I now want a darker wash pair like these. I am such a huge fan of pants like this, and I'm glad I've turned you into a fan :) As you should be because you look hot hot hot. I wish I could've found a fur vest. I never found one that didn't look stupid on me.

  11. You look fabulous!! Those pants are the coolest!!

  12. I'm searching for pants like this so hard!!! They are nowhere to be found in SC!! You look seriously amazing. Love this look.

  13. you look great! I have a pair of wide-legged jeans that are just a little long, and I can only wear them with heels! as I recall I even had my mom hem them to that length. hard to find wide jeans that work with every kind of shoe! I love this outfit though, I'll have to break mine out!!

    ♥ perfectly PRIYA

  14. I need to look for a pair of wide leg jeans like this. I love how they make our legs look so much longer! I think I've hesitated because they have to be worn with heels of some kind which isn't very practical for my lifestyle. But at Goodwill, they'd definitely be worth the purchase!

  15. Those Pants are great and I need more Wide-legged Bell Bottoms like those. I will gladly do another round of Many Days Many Ways for you. I would love to co-host it too so let me know. =)

    BTW I have been pinning or saving many of your looks and hope to re-create some with my own pieces.