March 31, 2014

march closet additions

march closet additions

1. Gap Wide Leg Pants: Plato's Closet $12
     [worn here & here]

2. Target Dress: Plato's Closet $6

3. Gap Jeans: Plato's Closet $12

4.  Target Skater Skirt: Instagram Shop $7
      [worn here]

5. Target Yellow Wedge Sandals: Instagram Shop $14

6. J. Crew Mustard Skirt: Instagram Shop $12

7. Forever 21 Shorts: $4

8.& 9. Old Navy Blouses: Plato's Closet $5(x2) = $10
       [worn here]

10. {not pictured} Yellow Belt: Plato's Closet $1

11. {not pictured} Forever 21 Turquoise Stone Tassle Necklace: $9
       [worn here]

Total Spent: $78 - $28 sold on shop my closet = $50

March 29, 2014

making our house a home: springtime decorations



I threw together a cute little springy centerpiece for our dining room table, and I just love it! The flowers were from our wedding reception, the wood piece from the unity candles at our wedding ceremony, the jar I already had, and W and bird's were super cheap at Hobby Lobby. I put together the wreath in 10 short minutes. It didn't come out exactly how I pictured, but what the heck, it'll do for now. I'll probably change it again for the summer!

In just a month Larry and I will mark 1 year of being home owners! Last year when I announced on the blog that we bought a house, everyone wanted to see pictures of the inside and how I decorated. Well, I haven't shown much of our house yet...  mainly because coming from only having to ever decorate my own room to now an entire house to decorate makes for not much to show! But finally, after a year of purchasing stuff here and there, our living room is *almost* complete. I actually had snapped some pictures of it in anticipation of posting them today, but there are just a few things I need to add before I want to show y'all. I am most definitely not the most creative with decorating our home, but I love to do it! My husband and I love the way it looks, and it feels homey to us, so that's all that really matters! :)

March 27, 2014

disco pants

LC Blouse: Kohl's (clearance & coupon) $8
Gap Pants: Plato's Closet $12 (similar)
Belt: Forever 21 $5
Vintage Necklace: Garage Sale $1
Total Outfit Cost: $26

A couple weeks ago I told y'all how my husband thought that I looked like a diva in an outfit I wore to work. This time, I walk over to his work to have lunch with him, and he says, "nice disco pants!" ....Sarcastically. Let's just say that he is not a fan of my wide leg pants. He couldn't stop laughing! And no, it doesn't bother me whatsoever! My husband has zero sense of fashion. If he's wearing something nice, I dressed him, and I bought it. Anyone else dress their husband? He'd dress even better if he let me dress him the way I really want to dress him. Unfortunately, he's plain Jane Jack. He only really likes to wear the colors black, red, white, and gray. One time I bought him this pretty blue Express short sleeve button up from the Goodwill (yes, I buy thrifted clothes for him too!), and he puts it on and is all like, "....well, the color is too much.." OHHH OK. Crazy husband. He never did wear that shirt, and it still hangs in our closet as I continue to hope he'll wear it one day. 

March 26, 2014

wind blown

Skirt: Instagram shop $7
AE Shirt: Goodwill $3.49
Old Navy Jacket: gifted
Booties: Just Fab (50% off) $20
Total Outfit Cost: $30.49

A few weeks ago I started my shop my closet page on instagram.  Well, along with selling my clothes, I have begun to follow a whole lot of other instagram shops. It. Is. Addicting! It's like being able to thrift online! I find that a lot of the shops overprice their stuff though. A lot of them buy thrifted stuff to be able to sell. I was just trying to give my unloved clothes a new home. Anyways, this skirt is from @targetunderten, and it was brand new with tags... AND shipped for only 7 buckaroos. That was a steal I couldn't pass up! 

More on this skirt... so I wore this outfit for a nice Sunday date with my husband. We slept in and watched church online, then we got dressed and went to the movies to see Son of God. When we were leaving the theater, it was SUPER windy. I was about to flash everyone. It was so bad. I had to grab my skirt on the side and hold it down, and I could barely walk! Lesson learned: do not wear a skater skirt (or dress) when it's windy!

Also, this outfit was inspired by Kate's (a journey in style) outfit here

March 25, 2014

far behind

Apt. 9 Blouse: Kohl's (sale + coupon) $13
Jeans: Old Navy (sale + super cash) $11.25
Flats: so old
Necklace: JCP (clearance) $2
Total Outfit Cost: $26.25
I am officially super behind on outfit posts! This outfit is from Friday before last! I guess that's what happens when you wear more cute outfits than you feel or have time to post. For a while, I was editing my pictures at home and getting them put into a post. Then, since work had been slow, I had time while at work to finish up and publish a post. Now, on the other hand, work is crazy. So not only do I not have time to blog at work, but I come home, cook, and then I am exhausted. I have no idea how you ladies with kiddos have time or energy for blogging! 

March 24, 2014

dressing room diaries: plato's closet & goodwill

Up until a couple weeks ago, I totally forgot that there's a Plato's Closet in my city. I went and decided to take a look around, not really expecting to find much. The Plato's where I used to live was super expensive for a place selling used clothes, so I didn't visit there much. I was really surprised to find that this new Plato's has awesome prices. It's definitely going to be one of my go-to places to shop now. I also want to say that I like how even if something is brand new with tags, they don't up the price on you like at Goodwill (read about my experience with that here). All of their prices are fair! Take a look at what I tried on at my 2 trips there this month...

Gap Wide Leg Trousers: $12
These pants seriously fit me so perfect, and I loveeee them. I've never had a pair of pants from Gap before (obviously because I am far too cheap), but man I have been missing out! I still wouldn't but a pair of Gap pants full price, but now I know that it would be worth catching some on clearance.

Old Navy Blouses: $5 each
These shirts are so perfect for work! I'm usually not one to buy the same things in multiple colors, but these are so versatile and for only 5 bucks, I wasn't passing them up.

Striped Shirt: I don't remember the brand or price
Unfortunately this was too big which is sad because it would have been "the perfect striped shirt." The hunt for one remains...

Next trip...

Floral Dress #1: $12
I have a few things I'll need dresses for this coming summer, so I wanted to get a jump start on trying on some. This one is really pretty, I don't remember my excuse for not getting it.

Coral Skater Dress: $12
This dress was SO comfy and I adore the color. I didn't end up getting it because I thought it was a tiny bit too short. Now if it was like $5? It would totally have been mine.

Floral Dress #2: $10
Another skater dress, still a little too short. I'm so married. I probably would have gotten these short dresses before I was hahah.

Merona Dress: $6
Now that's my kinda price for a dress. This one came home with me. I thought I might wear it with my blue jean jacket to go somewhere for my sister's 18th birthday next month. I may not end up wearing it for that, but heck it was 6 bucks, I'll find use out of it for sure.

Gap Jeans: $12
Since I had luck with pants in my previous trip, I thought I'd have a another look at the pants section. Well whatdoyaknow, there they were, ANOTHER pair of Gap pants right there in.. my.. size! I needed a new pair of dark jeans too, win!

Here is my one quick trip to the Goodwill. I'm trying not to go there much because they overprice too much, and it just makes me angry.
(also, please note that this Goodwill has the ugliest, grossest dressing rooms ever)

Brown Shorts: $3.49
These actually don't look bad in the picture, but in person they were just a litttttle too long. I do try to stick with shorts that aren't daisy duke short because I have a big butt, so short shorts look absolutely ridic on me. I might as well just leave the house in underwear.

Pink Forever 21 Shorts: $3.49
It was love at first sight. They even look pretty good with this outfit!

Gray Pencil Skirt: $3.99
Right before I tried on this skirt, I saw that the zipper was broken. No worries, I didn't love this anyways.

NWT (new with tags) Striped Skirt from Marshall's: $3.99
This was a no all around. The material was awful and unforgiving for us girls with any sort of curves, and it was just too long.

March 19, 2014

many days, many ways link up: fur vest

Dress: Forever 21, gifted from Mom
Vest: SheInside $20
Leggings: Gifted
Boots: Stole from Sista
Total Outfit Cost: $20
fur vest collage

Last month I hosted the first round of many days, many ways. I wasn't sure if I wanted it to be a one time link up or a monthly thing, but after seeing everyone's awesome remixing skills, I knew I wanted to keep it around! Plus, Nicole agreed to be my permanent co-host! Many days, many ways will be held on the 19th of every month :)
Last time I showed 15 ways to wear a lace dress. This time I decided to show y'all how I've worn my newly beloved fur vest!  I've only had this vest for a whole 2 months, and I have already worn it SEVEN times! I've said this before, but I live in South Louisiana so never did I ever think I'd get even a little bit of use out of a fur vest! I seriously love this thing. When it started to warm up a couple weeks ago, I was missing my vest already. Luckily it got cold again, so that's when I paired it with the polka dot blouse. I can now say that I am ready for the warm to stay and to put this vest away until fall! By next winter I may be showing 20 ways to wear it... hahah.
Want to see MORE ways to wear a fur vest? Check out Nicole's last month's many days many ways fur vest edition!
Link up your many days, many ways post using the widget below. Don't forget to check out Nicole's post, and grab our button for your post!

March 18, 2014

green & coral

Jacket: Old Navy, gifted [similar]
Shirt: Target (clearance) $6 [similar]
Pants: Old Navy c/o Chippmunk
Flats: Payless $22 [similar]
Necklace: vintage, given to me
Total Outfit Cost: $28

Sooo, I definitely didn't realize that yesterday was St. Patty's day. Not that it really matters since the only time I left the house yesterday was to go to Albertson's. BUT I would have at least posted this outfit yesterday, so it would look that I paid attention to the holiday. Whoops. Oh well. My husband didn't realize it either. He said he was the only one at work without a green tie on. Yesterday I was spring cleaning my house, so I didn't do any blogging, facebooking, or instagramming (until last night). So that is my excuse. There you have it. 

March 17, 2014

i ventured off and got nowhere

Dress: Apricot Lane Boutique, gift carded [cute option]
Cardigan: Charlotte Russe, so old [similar]
Boots: stole from my sista [similar]
Belt: no idea, possibly came on a different dress
Total Outfit Cost: $FREE
So you remember that time I told y'all that one of my resolutions was to venture out and take blog pictures somewheres other thank my back porch? No? Good. Well y'all, I attempted to venture out... to my back yard. I know I know, it's not real far from my porch, but I figured I'd have my fence as the background for a change! Let me tell you what happened. I didn't realize that my backyard was a slumpy mess so my feet pretty much just sank into the ground, so that would explain the lovely mud on my boots. It wasn't meant to work anyways because the lighting wasn't right. My little spot on my porch is just so perfect for blog pictures! I'm in the privacy of my own back yard so no one's there to catch me in the act with my tripod, the lighting is great most of the day, and hey there ain't nothin' wrong with a brick wall background! So am I allowed to take that out of my resolutions? I am perfectly happy with my spot. :)

Ps. Don't forget Wednesday is the Many Days Many Ways linkup!

***disclaimer: This outfit does not properly depict the weather going on here now. These photos were taken last week. Today I woke up and it is 43 degrees outside, and this girl does NOT go outside with bare legs in the 40's***

March 14, 2014


Blazer: stole from my sista
Pants: Old Navy $26
Shirt: Old
Heels: Target (bogo) $22
Belt: Forever 21 $5
  Total Outfit Cost: 

I wore this outfit Tuesday to work.  For lunch, I walked across the street to my husband's office so we could spend our break together. Since I leave an hour after him for work, he doesn't see what I'm wearing. So when I walked up in this outfit, he told me I looked like a "diva." He said it was the skinny pants, heels, and tucked in shirt combo. Haha! Ohhhh men. Though I have to say, these leopard heels do indeed make me feel like a diva. Also, how fitting that these pants are called "The Diva" skinny pants!

Happy Friday, y'all! Tomorrow is my "Friday" so I am counting down to this much needed weekend. Work has been extra hectic and busy for me this week. 

March 11, 2014

our wedding, part V: the details

Wallace 97
Wallace 147
Wallace 45
Wallace 70
Wallace 72
Wallace 77
Vintage clutch (my something blue) thrifted for $10 at an antique shop

Wallace 39
Wallace 40
My mom & some family member's made the personalized hangers for my bridesmaids and I.

Wallace 42
Heels from David's Bridal
Wallace 35
Wallace 151
Wallace 152
unity candles
Wallace 153
lace bows on the end of the reserved seating at the ceremony made by my mom
Wallace 313
Wallace 314
Wallace 315
This whole groom's table ordeal was a total surprise for us! I picked out the cake, but the rest was Larry's parents' idea! And yes, that's a rhino at our wedding reception! Haha!

Wallace 316
Wallace 317
Wallace 318
All of the jars were thrifted and personalized by mom, sista, and I.

Wallace 320
I thrifted this old vintage box, then mom and sista helped me make it cute!
Wallace 324
All of the centerpiece decor was thrifted and then DIY'd by myself and family & friends.
Wallace 327
I made this wooden W from my old jewelry
Wallace 330
Wallace 329
Wallace 335
Wallace 336
Wallace 337
Wallace 338
Cold drinks were served in a pirogue! 
Wallace 50
I had nightmares about my flowers, but they turned out being one of my favorite details!

Wallace 389
The three doors were put together by my Pawpaw Mike.

Wallace 390
Wallace 394
Ring box made by me

Wallace 395

part I: getting ready
part II: the bridal party
part III: the prayer
part IV: the prayer